Ever since I was a little girl I believed in God and Jesus. I learned at a young age that Christ died for me so I could repent of my sins so I could go to Heaven to be with my Heavenly Father and other believers.

I didn't believe because it was what I had learned though. I believed because I knew it to be the Truth. I always felt God's love for me, and I always knew he was there. I never doubted Him until my Junior Year of High School. I'll be a senior now, and I want to tell others around the world what He did for me, and is continuing to do to this very day.

I no longer doubt Him, and I want to share with others my reasons why. I have not read the bible like a devoted reader, but it doesn't make me any less of a devoted Christian. You do not have to read the Bible to believe in Him and form a relationship with Him.

You do, however, need to continue your relationship with him or you will drift away from the love of God and Jesus Christ.

Now that I have learned more, I want to read the Bible to become closer to God and develop a stronger relationship with Him. I want to bring people closer so they may see the truth in His light!

I do not condemn people. It is not my place.

I do not preach, for I am not a pastor.

I am simply an average seventeen, almost eighteen year old girl who wants to show God's love and faithfulness in the miracles He has shone me. I want to be your friend. I want to be more than just your friend! I want to be you fellow sister in Christ.

Please, open your eyes, ears, and hearts to what I have to say.

Glory be to God most High!