You glare at me
You stare, you think you see
But I can understand
The way you make me want to break my hand
Smashing my fist into a brick wall
You strengthened my will when you broke us all
I'd plunge the stake into your face
You never knew love and you never knew grace
I hope you understand my hate
I hope you realise your fate
I'll bludgeon you with a stare
I'll kick you're corpse until the air
Reeks of brains and blood and bile
That's the only time you'll see me smile
I'd die to slice your pompous grin
I'd kill to let you enter in
To my perverted little hell
I don't care if I 'do well'
In terms of the standards you struggle to keep
You are a failure, I shall not weep
As long as you are dead and gone
You failed to impress me, all along
When you thought I might shine bright
My alternate reality, my gorgeous night
Wrapped around your neck to cut off your breathing
Your world is dying, mine has just finished teething.