I feel, so subordinate
Yet righteous!, so I've been told
If I wasn't, I'd be a treasonist
I'd be smitten, sevenfold
God Bless America
Thy divine swine finds our wars swell
If I protest, I'm an ethical guttersnipe
God 'll miracle me to Hell
Under God
Under State
I better worship before I
Start to think!
The weak-willed dupes of this spirit
Will all be up in arms
Going to nail me to a cross!
So they still have something to lean on
Deemed necessary
By propaganda
And an intangible - thing!
Persuade me
To rely, with my life
That the God-State-man
Is right:
Right when the cross is burned
Right to impose and to learn
Right to kill in the superior's name
Right and present and mundane
Right not to take a stand
Right to be God-State-man