All this time I've been blind to see
That all of things around me have been hurting me
My heart is filled with pain and misery
Flooding my mind like a dark black sea
But I hold on onto that love you gave to me
It opens my eyes for I can see clearly.
Thank you for curing me from being so lonely.
You are my strength and keep me alive.
Without you, I know I can survive.
Even if I die, with your love I shall forever revive.
I have so many demons within.
I guess because of all of my countlesss number of sins
Pain, misery, and sorrow is all what goes in
The darkness within always finds a way to win.

I sit here thinking of the days ahead.
Will you and I still be here or will we end up dead?
All I can think about is how much we were there for each other when we
All this time I've felt so empty as if I had just died.
But now I know that's not true as you are at my side.
Join me on the battlefield,
Slay my enemies with the sword you weild.
The battles will always be intense and hard,
but I will not show fear as you are my guard.