Guilty Scars

I don't know why
I feel so bad
Just why oh why
am I so mad?

My pains my guilts
are stacked up high.
My eyes then wander
into the sky

Compelled I felt to sit;
as if a soothing voice
gently told me to
I felt I had no choice.

The grass beneath me seemed
to be singing me a song.
These words affected me,
"Please be strong"

The tree behind me cradled me
like I've always
longed to be.
It reminded me of a mother,
I knew I never had.
Which got me asking 'till now
"Just why is that?"

The wind began to blow,
inside I felt so meek
like soft hands, palms, fingertips
gently caressed my cheeks.

I feel lighter now,
but I will have to bear.
the scars I have created
appearing here and there.

These scars I have created,
are worse than searing pain
for they will forever haunt
and in my mind
they will remain.

A/n: This is a poem I made during this summer, one of my favorites
of the ones I'm required to write. After the second verse I decided it
should be dedicated to Cal from East of Eden. because it sounds so
much like him. I'm sure other's can relate to this as well.