Life is funny
These suitors trying to get with me
Why will they be so upset
When I'm taken
All they want is sex anyway
So why come to me
I'm nothing special
Plain and boring
Maybe a little screwed up in the head
That's why I take the one who's different
The one who I can talk to
The one who isn't obsessed with only looks
But can see something more inside of me
He can pick me apart
And find things no one else can see
He's special
He's different
He's everything I wish him to be
My love
My life
For me, would you give up one night
I love every word you speak
I love every time you look at me
You tell me I'm perfect
But I have flaws
In time you will see a different side of me
One that only you will see
Don't lose faith in me, in us
Keep your promises strong
We'll make it through everything life throws us
I'll keep your words close
And just let love guide us