That's what I deal with every fucking day
If not mine than everyone else's
Why am I the one
Who everyone dumps secrets on
Why am I the one
Who everyone seems to trust
I like being a good friend
But I can't always deal with this shit
I can't deal with the way
Everyone tells me I'll be okay
That's not good advice
I help all my friends
And my foes
That's what I'm here for
To be the one to turn to
But everyday?
Everyday my heart aches
When they say they want to die
I know what they're going through
And I give them advice
From a person who was once there
A person who was alone
With no one to turn to
I made it on my own
Why can't they?
Am I selfish for being this way?
I need to sort out myself still
Before I can sort them out
I need to know who I am
Before I can help someone else find themselves
I don't know what to do anymore
My life has sunk lower than the floor
This day has been nothing but pain and hell
I can't do this again
I can't let myself fall
Pull myself together
I can make this all work
I promised to always be there for my friends
And I was never good at breaking a promise
I'll make myself okay
I'll get through another day.