Bring on the Truth

Ch. 1

Tears streamed down the pale skin of Matti's face. Her entire body was shaking from the sobs she so desperately tried to hold in. She ran to her bedroom and slammed the wooden door behind her after leaping onto her bed and stuffing her face into her pillow to stifle the sobs she could no longer restrain. She was still dressed in her nice black pants, and black button-up blouse. Her black shoes had been aimlessly kicked off upon entering her room, and now lay somewhere in the void of her bedroom door and the foot of her bed. She wasn't thinking about her shoes though, she was thinking about the precious life that had been taken from her much too early.

Aren't your parents supposed to die before your best friend does?! Matti remembered thinking at the funeral, instantly regretting it afterwards.

She couldn't take this sorrow though; this pain. It was too intolerable!

She was only sixteen! Sixteen! Do you hear me?! Matti yelled silently, bringing around a fresh batch of tears.

She could hardly breathe. She was suffocating. Matti was simply relieved that her family left her alone for a short while so she could grieve. Even her annoying younger sister, Melissa hadn't barged in yet. Then again, 'Lissa loved Whitney with all her heart too.

Matti pounded her fist against her pillow at the thought of her deceased best friend, Whitney. It wasn't fair. She shouldn't have had to die, not in the situation they were in! Why did it have to happen? Why then? Why there?

Why, God? Why?! Why did you have to take her away from me?!?

Matti sobbed harder, and then quieted after a short while. When she was only sniffling she rolled over onto her back, gazing at her ceiling. Whitney and Matti had done so much together! They truly had been inseparable! Not anymore though. Things had changed. God had separated them. Matti must admit that He was the last person she would suspect for doing such a horrible deed; but He did.

Matti knew others would think this incident would drive her away from God, but somehow her relationship with Him hadn't been affected. She still loved Him. She knew He still loved her. She felt He was the only one she had at the moment. Even her parents weren't much support in her opinion. She knew there was a reason for her death, just as there were for all things. God knew everything, and Matti wanted to be a part of His will. Even though this was the hardest situation Matti had ever had to go through, she knew the Lord was right there beside her. She had to be strong.

For Whitney, and for God.

Matti turned over on her side, another tear streaking down the length of her face. She was looking into the mirror above her dresser, and saw a heart-broken teenager with tired red eyes, a runny nose, puffy red lips that trembled slightly, and disheveled dark brown hair. She lay there for quite a while, her gaze not quite seeing after her assessment of herself. She blinked, and found her gaze focused on a small spiral notebook that was lying on her dresser that was the home for scattered knick-knacks and dust-collectors. She blinked a second time and realization clicked. She sat up with a start and leapt to her feet, ignoring the dazed feeling that came to her from blood-rush. In two bounds she was at her dresser, cradling the notebook to her petite form; the notebook Whitney had gotten her as a birthday gift. Matti hadn't written anything in it yet, but now she knew what she could use it for.

Grabbing a pen from the ceramic jar Matti used as a penholder she leaped back onto her bed. A pained feeling washed over her as she was subconsciously reminded that Whitney had painted the ceramic jar for her two years ago. Pushing the memories away for the time being—since they would only bring anguish and loss at the moment—Matti opened her new journal and began writing.     

July 23, 2003

I will never forget her. She's my best friend. We used to spend every waking hour of every day together. She said I was the sister she never had. Her smile was perfect, and displayed perfectly white teeth that could light up a room. Her presence alone did that. She was so kind, so full of life. I knew something was different about her from the moment I saw her. I knew she had something that I didn't.

I strove to be like her, practically idolized her. It wasn't until she invited me to her church that I realized what it was she had that I didn't. She was a believer of the messiah, Christ Jesus. She belonged with a whole other family besides the nearly perfect one she already had. She knew everybody was a sinner, and she accepted everybody, including me, her best friend. She's the one who introduced me to Jesus Christ, and she's the one who gave me eternal life through Him. She opened my eyes so I could 'see.'

And now, because of me, she'll never open her eyes again.

She saved my life, physically and spiritually.

Now, for her and for the glory of God, I will finish what she has started. I have asked the Lord to guide me, and to soften my heart. I've prayed to be strong, and I have prayed to live without fear. I will be an example of Christ. As imperfect as I am, I will strive for His perfection. I will bring others to Him, and let them hear the truth. I will do what Whitney, my best friend, has done for me. I will help bring others to the messiah, and He will save their souls for all eternity.

Just as He saved mine.

~Matti H. Rosenburg

AN: Just to let all of you know, my next chapters will be much longer! I hope you read and enjoyed this much thus far. Thank you for your curiosity.