Tree of Knowledge
The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.
This was by the great philosopher, Socrates, decreed.
Knowledge is essential to life. Life is sacred.
Therefore knowledge is good. Are we agreed?
Knowledge was forbidden in the Garden of Eden
And the taking of it was deemed as a sin.
Yet, what is righteous cannot be sinful and the sinful cannot be righteous.
This is where the bedlam begins.
By the definition of knowledge, it exists only to be imparted.
Therefore, it's existence justifies the actions of Adam and Eve.
The serpent said they would gain from partaking of the tree
Of the knowledge of good an evil and they were not deceived.
We have conceived knowledge as being good with the knowledge that mankind
Has received from the infamous tree.
Therefore the banishment from paradise, because of our supposed sins,
Was quite a wrongful decree.
If God is unjust
And his Word a contradiction,
Then I must blaspheme and say
That the whole story must be fiction.