Swimming With Dolphins

Acient Hawaii, 1822.
"Hi, my name's Laura. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. My parents died in an
expedition of studying a volcano, when I was only 5. Life's been tough, living
with no parents or any siblings. I lived with my best friend until I was twelve.
Then, I went back to my house. In Hawaii, once your ten, you can live by
yourself. But mostly, no one does. I did this because I didn't want to be a
bother any more to my Alison's family. Now, I'm 14. Last year, Alison and
her family died in a family trip.
Since I was little, I never really had any friends, just Alison, Kim, and
Kim moved away to Texas the same year Alison died on July 8th,
eighteen-twenty-one, my birthday. I was born on July 8th, 1804.
Mike was a family friend. Our family were really close. I was able to tell
him anything. He was the best guy I ever met. On Christmas Eve, 1818,
Alison's family, Mike and I ate dinner together. After the feast, Mike commit
suicide. I never understood why though. No one understood why. He
jumped off a high cliff. I'm sure he wouldn't have if he had come to talk to me
I never went to school but I learned how to read and write. I like writing
stories and drawing. I also swim a lot. My favorite animal is dolphins.
When I was little, about 4 years old, I went to the beach with my
parents. They went to get a drink or something. While they were gone, I took
the floty out and went far, far, into the ocean. Somehow, the floty popped and
I started to drown. I was near where all the sharks swam. I was scared. I could
hardly breath. Just as I thought that this was the end of me, something pushed
me up. 2 dolphins saved my. I rode on them for awhile. It was the best time
of my life. Soon, they took me back to shore. Somehow, I knew their names
were Echo and Flash. They said something. I thought they said "Call us when
you need us. We will always be here for you.". I nodded and said good-bye to
them. I went to my parents who was worried about me. I told them about
Echo and Flash, they thought I was crazy. They told me never to return to the
beach. I didn't listen to them. Whenever I was sad or down, I would go and
call them. They always cheered me up. Soon, I would go back home to my
I always knew when there was trouble. I'd risk my life for the dolphins. I
got really hurt once. There was an escape fire, a baby dolphin was stuck there,
didn't know how to get past the fire. Her mother was no where to be found. I
swam over. I went through the fire. I was burnt all over. It hurt. I didn't show
my pain to the dolphin who was terrified. I tried to tell her to go under the
fire. Finally, she understood. She swam under the fire and was safe. But my
pain hurted. My mom or Alison's mom wasn't there to help me. No one was
there to help me. I was all alone in a small house in Hawaii. With only old
people as my neighbors.
No one understood me. Alison and Kim thought I was crazy for liking
dolphins. They always liked wolves so did Mike. Not a lot of people like
dolphins then. No one understands me. No, someone does understand me.
Echo and Flash! All the dolphins understand me. They are re my true friend."
I said to myself.
*PI PI PI PI PI PI!!!!!* The alarm went on.
"Yeah! The cake's finally done!" I took out the 2 layers of cake and put
vanilla and chocolate frosting on it. "I guess I'll let it cool." I sat down looking
at the clock tick seconds away. "Agh! this is SOOOOO boring" I complained to
myself. I went out to the beach. "Echo! Flash!" I yelled. They came right
away. I took a ride. All of a sudden, Flash goes under the water. "Ahhh!"" I
yelled about to fall. Echo helped me. When I looked in the water, I saw red.
Echo seemed to be swimming faster than usual. "Is Flash?..." I asked afraid of
what might've happened to Flash.
"Er I Er..." Echo answered sadly.
"Oh, no! he got cought by Shark Zavaro?!" tears went down my face.
"Flash..." I have lost my true best friend. This was the saddest moment of my
life. Something pulled Echo. I jumped into the water to find Shark Zavaro
there. I swam infront of them. Zavaro opened his jaws wide, ready to swallow
me hole.
"Watch Out!" someone yelled. I heard a gun shot as Zavaro sank into
the water, dead. I looked up, there was a man in a boat with a gun. "Are you
all right, miss?" He asked.
"yes" I answered slowly.
"Here, get on, I'll take you to shore." the man said to.
It's okay, I can ride on Echo." I turned around. Echo was gone. "Echo!
Come girl!" She came right away. I got on. We swam next to the man. Soon,
we got to shore. I got off Echo. She swam away. "Thank you for saving me."
"No problem!" It was silent for a while. "I've been watching you for
awhile, I see you like dolphins a lot."
"Yeah, thet's right"
"That's amazing"
"You think so?"
"It's the most amazing thing I've ever seen in 32 years!" I smiled. "Do
you live alone here?"
"Yeah, near the shore on Rosemary Avenue."
"Oh. Have you like dolphins since you were little?"
"Yup!" I said proudly.
"Oh, here. Have this." He handed me a piece of paper. "I drew this
picture for you on the dolphins."
"Wow!" I said amazed at the picture. "It's so beautiful! Are you sure I
can have this?"
"Of course!" He said.
"Thank you so much! So, do you live around here?"
"Sort of. I live on the other side of the town on Cary street."
"Well, I got to get going." the man stood up.
"Wait! What's your name? I'm Laura!"
"My name's Tom. Well, bye Laura." He left. I sat there looking at the
sun setting on the beach. I stood up, leaving the paper behind. I walked into
the water.
Long years past. It is the year 1948. Laura is known as a legend now. Know as
"Dolphin Girl". Her house stands proudly on 5 Rosemary Avenue. Next to it
stands a statue with her on 2 dolphins. No ones know what truly happened to
her. She disappeared on the day Flash died. Some say they see her, swimming
with Echo on hot summer days. This will remain a mystery forever, no one will
know the truth, ever.