Babysitting Before Christmas

"Make sure she goes to bed before ten," said Nancy before heading out from the front door.

I watched as the mother backed the Camry into the street and drove off. Since Mark was in prison, Ella had to find another boyfriend and it didn't take long for her to find someone else. This new guy whose name I didn't know was, in my opinion, worse than Mark. Whenever I see him with Ella he is always bossing her around, telling her what to do.

I looked at my watch and noticed it was six o'clock. It was already dark outside. It was cold as well, so I started to regret wearing shorts. I wore shorts because it was warm in my bedroom because we had central heating. When I went outside though I realized it was cold but by the time I was outside I was too lazy to go back in to change.

I walked upstairs to Lily's bedroom and when I opened the door I found the little girl lying on the carpet while playing on her computer. She was playing the first Quest for Glory originally called Hero's Quest. It was a very old game that Lily liked.

I managed to steal five gold bars from underground, each one worth about a quarter of a million dollars. This made me a millionaire and after I gave one gold bar to little Lily I was still a millionaire. I could see by standing in the little girl's bedroom what she had used her money for. She had in her room not only a new computer but also a new TV that she kept on all the time. She kept the volume low though so it wouldn't distract her. Since the electronics were on I felt the air getting warm as I walked in. It was cold and dark outside but inside Lily's room it was warm, almost humid. For a moment I thought I could see this warmth because some of the air in the bedroom looked blurry and cloudy.

Lily paused the game she was playing, reached under her bed, and pulled out a box.

"What's that?" I asked.

"It's your Christmas present." She handed the box to me.

I sat on Lily's bed and looked at the red-and-green wrapping paper. "Can I open your present now?"

After she nodded, I opened Lily's present. Lily had given me underwear, about five pairs. They were girlie underwear, the kind that Lily would wear.

I looked up at her as she climbed onto the bed.

"Your daddy told me you stole my panties," she said, "so I got you some more panties."

I looked at the five pairs of little-girl panties, all of them pink, and each one crafted with different pictures. One had love hearts drawn on it while another had fluffy teddy bears.

"Have you worn these?" I asked.

She shook her head. "Nope, they're brand new!"

"Oh…thank you," I said.

"Did anyone else give you presents?"

I shook my head.

"What about Ella?"

"No, not yet."

She reached under the bed again and pulled out a heavier box. The box was covered with blue wrapping paper.

"Another one!" I said, suprised at my own enthusiasm. I tore away the wrapping paper.

It was an electric shaver. I wore shorts, so Lily pointed to my legs.

"Your legs are hairy like a gorilla," she said. "You can use it to cut the hair on your face, too."

With my fingers on my face, I felt the beginnings of a moustache forming underneath my nose.

Lily grabbed the box and opened it, quickly taking out the electric shaver and installing the batteries. When she turned the electric shaver on, it made a soft humming noise. My legs were spread out on the bed, so Lily actually grabbed my right knee with her left hand and moved the electric shaver down halfway between my knees and shins. I was going to protest, to tell her she was going to get my hair all over her own bed, but I resisted because of the feel of the little girl's hands clutching my legs.

It was completely dark outside now. The bedroom window was slightly open, letting air flow in slowly. The air flowing in brought along with it the distant sound of cars on a freeway many kilometers away. I stared at the bedroom door, hoping nobody would enter as Lily shaved my legs. Nobody was home though--that was the reason why I was babysitting Lily--but still I was worried.

A minute later, my right leg was completely hairless. All the hair had fallen on the blankets. Lily was going to have an itchy night tonight. I got off the bed, walked to her desk, and grabbed the rubbish bin, hoping to sweep all the hair into the bin before it had a chance to get caught between all the cracks between the blankets. I heard the noise of spring compressing, and when I turned around to face the bed, Lily was standing on the bed, using her feet to kick away all the hair. As she did this though she slipped and fell, rolling around all over the hair.

"What a mess!" I said, grabbing her and keeping her still. "You've got hair all over your clothes. You'll have to change and have a shower or you'll be itchy."

At the mention of itchiness, Lily sat up on the bed and started scratching herself. She then put her little finger in her ear and started twisting it around.

"Is something crawling around in your ear?" I asked.

"I think I have a hair in my ear."

"Don't pick your ears."

"Why not?"

"If you have something in your ear and you start picking it, you'll push it in further." I went on the bed and crawled over to the little girl. "Put your head down on the pillow and face the affected ear up at me."

The little girl lied down as directed. "What will you do?"

"I'm going to suck it out."

I brought my mouth down towards her head and covering her right ear with my lips. I then started sucking in air from Lily's ear. The little girl giggled wildly underneath me, flailing her arms and legs everywhere as I kept sucking.

"It tickles!" she said. "It's so cold."

I could taste from her ears a sharp and sweet-smelling odor that filled my lungs. When I ran out of breath, I stopped sucking but still kept my mouth over her ears. Saliva leaked from the rim of my mouth onto her skin, down her cheeks, some dripping towards her neck. I felt an itch at the back of my throat. The hair in Lily's ear must have been in my mouth. Now that I had stopped sucking, Lily was no longer squirming underneath me. My lips came off her ear. As I tried to catch my breath, I lied down on the bed and looked up at the ceiling. Lily wiped my spit off her face and rubbed the spit against her pajamas, creating a temporary stain on the lime green material.

"Thank you," said Lily, looking down at my eyes as I looked up. "Did you eat the hair?"

I tried to swallow the hair but managed only to swallow air. "I think it's stuck at the back of my throat near my tonsils." I inserted a finger inside my mouth and tried to pick the hair strand out, but the picking only seemed to make more portions of the back of my throat itchy, which made it harder for me to locate the hair since I was approximating the location of the hair based on which part of the throat felt itchy. Now my whole throat felt itchy, not just the part where the hair was. All the prodding with my finger must have had an effect on my salivary glands because my whole mouth was fast becoming a lake of spit.

Lily stepped off the bed momentarily and came back after grabbing a small flashlight from the carpet near the computer. She told me to lie down before she folded a pillow into two and slid it under my head. She flashed the light into my mouth and told me to keep my mouth open and to keep my head still. I took my fingers out from my mouth and lay back on the bed with both my hands by my side. Lily then put one leg over my body and straddled my belly. My belly was pressed up right between Lily's legs. The little girl then put the flashlight into my palms.

"Put the light in your mouth," she said.

I did what she said, flashing the torch into my mouth as I opened them wide. I felt like I was at the dentist. Since Lily was no longer holding the flashlight, this freed up her hands to do other things. With her left hand she stabilized my jaw and kept my mouth open. Her scrawny little fingers gripped on my skin tightly. She inserted her right forefinger into my mouth. One of her eyes was shut to prevent double vision. She moved her eyes close to my mouth till I could feel her nostrils pushing air on my chin. I could smell her forehead and her hair. The nail on her right forefinger was now swimming in the lake of spit in my mouth. I felt the finger poking the back of my throat and immediately I felt the gag reflex coming on, but I suppressed it because I didn't want to vomit or spit all over Lily's face, which was so close to mine.

Lily spoke. "Do you want me to suck on your mouth like you did to my ear?"

I didn't reply. With her hands on my jaw and her finger down my throat, I couldn't say a word. Very carefully, Lily's forefinger came out from my mouth, and to my surprise a piece of black hair was attached to the end of her finger. When the finger was safely out of my mouth, she rubbed the finger against her pajamas again, creating another temporary stain because her finger was smeared with my spit.

I closed my mouth, swallowed the lake of spit down my throat, licked my lips, and looked up at Lily's face, which was still close to mine.

I looked into the little girl's eyes. "You wanted to kiss me, didn't you?"

Lily brought her face away from mine and smiled timidly. "Maybe."

"I'll let you kiss my toes."

Lily's face contorted in disgust. "Eww! I don't want to kiss your smelly toes."

"Would you mind if I kissed your toes?"

"Umm, okay!"

Lily and I changed positions. She lied down on the bed with her head on the pillow while I sat on the bed near her feet. Pulling Lily's pajama pants up, I could see her long and smooth legs exposed to me. Unlike mine, Lily's legs were completely hairless and perhaps smoother than a baby's bottom. She wore short black socks that felt warm and slightly moist when I touched them. They were moist most likely because of all the sweat that had secreted from her feet.

I removed the sock on her left leg to reveal her small feet with cute little toes sticking out. When the sock was removed, a waft of foot odor blew on my face and invaded my nostrils, filling the air sacs in my lungs, sending waves of pleasurable impulses throughout my body. It was a pungent and syrupy smell. I started licking her feet and the little girl started laughing out loudly. My lips tasted the tangy humid grease between her toes. After sucking all over her toes, my tongue came down to the base of her feet where she was most ticklish. Loud bursts of youthful laugher filled the room. I couldn't get enough of the little girl's sweaty and smelly feet. My tongue kept licking. But then something happened.

Lily's laughter died down. "Stop it," she said. "I think I wet myself."

I tilted my head and looked up to her waist. My hand grabbed the top of her pajama pants and slowly pulled them down, revealing her pink panties, which had developed a dark stain between her legs. This dark stain was not isolated to her panties. The liquid had flowed onto the bed, leaving a small dark circular stain about five centimeters in radius.

The little girl put her head down.

"That's okay." I put her feet down and put her sock back on. "Don't worry. It's fine. It's just a little accident."

"What if my mommy sees it?"

I laughed and grabbed one of the pink panties Lily had given me as a Christmas present. I gave her the panties with the love hearts on them. "Change into this."

Lily got up from my bed. She was about to take off her pajamas.

"Don't look!" she said. "Go under the blanket."

I covered myself with Lily's blanket but peeked out from a small hole at the bottom. I saw her taking off her pajama pants and then quickly she took off her panties till she was completely naked below the waist. She faced her back towards me, so I could only see her bottom, but she had a nice little bottom. They were two smooth round firm bubbles. I only saw Lily's bottom for a few seconds because she quickly put her new panties on followed by her pajama pants. She stood still for a few seconds.

"Are you finished?" I asked from under the blankets. I didn't wait for a response but instead threw the blanket aside and revealed myself.

Lily looked at me. "What do you want to do now?"

"Can I kiss your other foot?"

"No, that's boring."

I sat on the bed and looked at the little girl as she stood in front of me. Even though I sat down and she stood, her face was still level with mine. Lily stood a meter in front of me, so I leaned forward slightly and grabbed her hands before pulling her into me. My legs were wide open and after I pulled her into me she stood in between my legs. My legs were like the blades of a scissor and Lily was now in a position to be cut in half.

As I looked at her face, the little girl looked at the door. As she looked at the door she fiddled with her fingers. With my hands on the little girl's hips, I moved my face closer to hers till my forehead made contact with her left temple. The tip of my nose intruded into her left ear. When I spoke I pushed out hot air onto Lily's pink cheek.

"What do you want to do?" I asked. "Do you want to go to sleep now?"

She nodded. It was getting late.

I got up and went to the cupboard where I found a blanket that I used to cover the pee stain on the bed. My hands scooped little Lily by her underarm. Like a crane I held her up high, kept her hovering over the bed, and then lowered her down. Lily grabbed the blanket and pulled it all the way up to her chin. While she did this I turned the lamp near her bed off, which significantly darkened the room. The only sources of light now were the computer and the muted TV. Lily looked at me.

"Kiss me goodnight," she said.

I lowered my face and pressed my lips on her forehead. Her forehead was warm and slightly greasy. She had skipped a shower. I then kissed her on the nose and as I did I saw her eyelids temporarily squint and a breath of air gushed out from her nostrils as she giggled. My mouth then pounced on her lips. As my tongue licked her lips, I felt her lips opening. The second time my tongue tried to lick her lips, it fell down into her mouth. I closed my eyes. Being inside her mouth was so warm and inviting. The insides of her mouth was so hot, as if her saliva was boiling. My tongue made contact with hers. The taste buds on my tongue started to taste her spit and as my tongue went in deeper I could taste not only sweetness but also slight saltiness. The taste made me think about what she had been eating. I pushed my mouth harder onto her mouth but I underestimated how well lubricated with saliva our lips were and my lips slipped off hers, creating an opening now from which hot air and spit flew out. About two tablespoons of spit dribbled from Lily's lips and created damp spots on her pillow.

I was so exhausted from the kiss. I lied down on the little girl with my chest on hers, trying to catch my breath. I got back up, worried that I may have crushed the little girl, but she didn't seem hurt. Bubbling spit was all over her mouth, so with my fingers I wiped the rim of her mouth as a windscreen wiper would wipe glass. As I did this, Lily moved her right hand up to my face and wiped my mouth, mimicking my actions. We did this for ten seconds before I stood up, walked to her computer, and shut it down. The muted TV was going to be kept on as a nightlight.

I looked at the little girl as she slept. Her eyes were shut and her face was fully relaxed.

As I walked out of the bedroom, with my fingers I pinched my biceps. But I never woke up.

It wasn't a dream this time. I had really kissed her.