The sky is blue,

The fields a bright green;

All is at peace in this little town.

Children run through the streets,

Playing and laughing,

While their mothers do their shopping.

The fathers are hard at work,

Earning a living for those they love.

The old women sit near the bridge,

Doing their wonderful and colorful patterns of knitting;
Being watched by one little curious girl.

All is at peace.

Then the sky begins to scream

With the sounds of bomber plans bearing down on this little town
And the deadly bombs fall

Killing hundreds.

People scream; the little girl looks up
And sees the flying devils,

Shrieking across the sky,

Destroying all she knows.

The people are yelling;

Sirens blare across the streets;

Everybody is screaming, except her.

Suddenly she feels arms around her waist,

Pulling her, pulling her,

Out of the danger.

She doesn't known what's happening;

All of it, going so fast,

Too fast for her to understand.

Too fast; all too fast.

Too fast.