Silence rings in your empty ears

The hallways filling with the sadness



As they fall down your face

And you start to wonder why

Do you always find yourself like this

Crying like there's no tomorrow

Do you keep ending up like this

Another sad ending without a happy thought

And you look at yourself as you pass by

The window at the coffee shop where you used to sit

And have someone hold you

Because you would cry like you are now

Wondering why it's always like this

Why there's just no end

To this darkness that haunts you because it doesn't know

What you know

That you know

If you know

It dances in the moonlight

While your dreams are locked up somewhere

Hidden because you can't stand to think

That at some point you didn't cry like this

With tears streaking your face day and night

And you know you'd feel lost

Without these painful reminders

That you can't hold yourself together now

Not ever

Just breathe