Shed your layers of street clothes and we can test,
The level of your insincerity.
Take in my defenseless form and conclude for yourself,
How it feels to exposed and apprehensive.
I want this, I want you to break my porcelain expectations
And I want the shards to cut away my purity
Such a lucky girl, suffocated beneath your lies
But those lies are beautiful and inviting
You've won, now finish your damage
Generalize what you've broken and warped
This warped reality of the obvious breakage
I love how you so casually feed my daydreams
Only then to starve my insides of the explanation I deserve
But disappointment dwells within the walls of my obsession
And it is your job to plaster these walls and keep me wanting
I've wanted and you've teased without knowing
So I am here, waiting in the levels of your insincerity
For you to give me back the other half of my heart you don't know you have