"Hi Jennifer!" I said excitedly arriving at the Halloween party. It was
Halloween and Jennifer, Melissa, Chelise, Divia and I were going to
meet at a disco party.
"Hi Lindsy!" Jennifer said. "Melissa is inside trying to find a
"Oh." I said. "So did Chelise and Divia come yet?"
"Nope." Jennifer replied as we walked in. Soon, Chelise and
Divia arrived. We had a great time. Me and Divia were at the bar
getting drinks. We sat there talking about how stupid boys can get.
"Yo Lindsy! Wasup?!" Chelise said walking toward us.
"Hi Chelise!" Me and Divia said together.
"Wanna join us for our "How stupid boys can get" talk?" asked
"Ummm.... Na." Chelise replied.
"Okay, see ya!" I said. Jennifer walked toward us.
"Hey Lindsy! Wanna get a coke across the street at 7-11? They
already ran out here." Jennifer said.
"Sure," I got up. "see you later Chelise." We started toward the
7-11. We got in. Soon, I picked a snack. "Yo! Jennifer! Are you ready
to leave?" I yelled out loud. There was no answer. I bought my snack
and walked out. Jennifer was no where in sight. I walked across the
street to the disco place. All the lights where turned out. A sign on
the door said, "Sorry. We are closed-October 31st, 2000" Confused I
walked back toward the 7-11. From across the street I saw Jennifer. I
ran across the street to where she was. "Jennifer!" I yelled running. I
finally reached her. "Yo Jen, why didn't you wait for me at 7-11? And
isn't there something strange going on?" I asked. "The disco place
was closed. Do you know what's going on?" She didn't answer. It
seemed as if I was talking to myself. "Yo! Jen!" I yelled at her putting
my hand on the shoulder. Still, she didn't move. She turned around
grabbing me with her hand. Her hands were all bones with blood all
over. It was revolting to see her face like that too. Her face looked as
though she had been dead for ten years in the grave. "Jennifer... Who,
what... Is this really you?" I asked. Finally, she let go of my hand.
Blood started dripping from my hand. She didn't speak. I waited.
There was just drips of blood dripping from all parts of her body.
Soon, her bony hand grabbed me on the shoulder. It hurt. "Please,
Jennifer. Stop. It hurts." I pleaded. Her bones dug deeper in to my
skin. "Jennifer! Stop!" I yelled. I looked up at her. her face smiling,
evilly. She was happy I was in pain. She made a little laugh. "Please.
Stop." I pleaded in a small voice. I slowly sank down. Blood kept
dripping. Next to me was a small piece of glass. I picked it up and
through it at her face. She yelled in pain as she let go of me. I ran
and ran. I saw a person standing. I ran over to that person. It was
Melissa! "Melissa! You won't believe what happened!" I said
breathlessly to Melissa. She turned around. Her face started to bleed
and rot like Jennifer's. I jumped back. Behind me was Chelise and to
the left was Divia. Their faces too was all bloody. I slowly walked to
the right. Hard something hit me. I turned around. "Jennifer!" I
gasped. I moved away from everybody. Everyone came closer to
me, their fingers ready to dig into me. "Stop you guys!" I shouted. I
yelled in pain. I kept yelling. A vision came to me. I was alone in a
pitch black room. I was sitting there. My screams echoed in the
distance. My pain was gone. I felt great. "Is this how it felt being
dead?" I wondered. The vision disappeared. I was till screaming. My
eyes shut, ducking. I felt drops of blood dripping from my shoulder
and hand.
"Lindsy! Lindsy! Wake up!" I heard Melissa's voice say. I
stopped screaming and opened my eyes. "Are you okay?" she asked.
"What... What happened?" I asked.
" I ask you the same question. Why were you screaming?" Divia
asked. I looked at everyone. They were all normal. I was in the
disco place once more. I looked at my hand which was still bleeding.
My shoulder was bleeding too.
"What happened to my hand and shoulder?" I asked.
"Oh. You fainted and your hand banged into a glass cup and
your shoulder stated to bleed when you hit the ground." Chelise
"Oh." I said. I looked at Jennifer. Under right eye she had a scar.
"Your eye..."
"Oh, this?" Jennifer said. "This happened a long time ago."
"Oh." I said slowly. I knew she never had that cut under her
right eye before. It was weird.

---- Jennifer never had that scar before. And the pain. It felt so real. It
hurt so much. I couldn't have been a dream. I felt real. I'm confused.
Was it all a dream -or not? I'm scared. Wouldn't you be?

*The End*