Let the monsters come again
Let the horrors all remain
Let the blackness break the night
Let the bloodstains tempt the fright

Find the truth and keep it close
Find distaste in an overdose
Find the faithful, hold them near
Find the way to push back the fear

Let the ghosts return to earth
Let them roam, a second birth
Let the nightmare see the day
Let it all find words to say

Find your dreams and follow them
Find the jewels and the gems
Find the lucky few with pride
Find the escape from the landslide

Let them speak and let them know
Let it rain and let it snow
Let the conspirators succeed
Let the evil sow their seed

Find the honour to love and obey
Find the strength and get away
Find out that you know you can
Find the origins of man

Let the daylight enter in
Find the terror, oh so grim
Let the smile take up the face
Find a dark and crowded place

Only alone, can you ever be safe
Only in pairs can you find the faith
Only the three can guard against all sides
Only the world can cripple your pride