And had you even said that I was best
I never would have fought on for the rest
The way I do, for I know I lied
And leave the dream in which I died
"What can you find when you think that nothing's true?"
They'll break you down, and even when you blew
The chance of a lifetime, then you see
That everything is useless except in the blood stream.
This pain that we create, decadence is all
When the hero has his back against the wall
And the life that he's been leading
Is joyfully receding
And the hollows in his mind
Are empty, nothing more to find
But if he sees the mortal ghost
Then he will know he is the host
To this disease
The illness is killing with ease
There is a happy day
Upon which, in every way
The singer sings his song, and then
He'll sing that painful song again
Until we all must long to cry
Until we sleep and some day die
And if the nightmare hides in shrouds
If the small lynch mob has become the crowd
If the better man is dead
And he sees, he sees only red
Oh, should this heartache strike you down
The hangman gives you his last grey frown
You all can try to find a way
To live in love, in disarray
You will decideā€¦