And if you love me, you will know
That love is dead and may not grow
For we are far too far apart
For your arrow to pierce my heart
The one thing that might bring me down
More than your smile, far more than your frown
I'd jump to keep from hurting you
And when I hit the rocks below
I'd try to lie, say love was true
And yet I would feel oh, so
Vandalised by my lack of conviction
I need strength of will, not polite good diction
When I become a man, not a whore
I'll show myself how to give myself what for
I'll break my face to make my choice
If only I could give myself a voice
To tell you that you're not who I crave
For she is another, I am not brave
Or witty or strong enough to make her mine
It is my fault: I am badly designed

If all the world's a stage then I'm Hamlet
Breaking apart like those plastic bracelets
You tied to me so hard they wouldn't come off
Until with one tired, bilious cough
I shook so hard that they broke away
I believe it was that very day
I began to realise my love lay elsewhere
It's breaking me up, taking me up there
To have to admit that I am afraid
She may walk in beauty like night and day
But would she ever dare to look at me?
Would she ever want to try and see
That my pain might bring about beauty
That my crippled form might be heresy
But I really tried
To say
How much I care
And I'm scared
That it