My dreams of you were all a lie
Stupid, broken yet again
Feverishly hoping that the sky
Will fall on me, the shame
Is such a strong emotion

The way I pictured you in my arms
Hovering in disbelief
If I loved you it would do me harm
With no hope of relief
I'm in such pain!

Forbidden love, I cherish true
Though I cannot expect a second glance
I think I got my hopes up, as regards you
Self loathing and failure's armies advance
But I did nothing bad

The sins you commit will be forgiven tonight
I'd give you my goodness, though you are divine
And even in my miracle is dark in your light
Because my sin is to love you, to want you to be mine
If only I could be yours

I sew up my wounds with stitches of hate
That stab into me now and evermore
I deserve it, I say, when me courage comes late
And I never let my wounds rest if they're sore
I'm sorry
Don't you wish you'd never met me?