When we lay on that broken glass plateau
Everything was dying on our plush satin throw
I held you and I told you that our love would stay the same
But now's the time I find myself too cowardly and tame
For now I love another and I think she quite likes me
And we've got things in common, darling, surely you can see
I'd blind myself to spare you hurt, but that won't help us now
I love her but I don't hate you; I have to end this: how?
I'd break myself to be alone, my love for her's too strong
But if we started, we'd be doomed, anything is wrong
My agony is beauty, and I can see it
The race is back on, there's inspiration in my spirit
I'd like to die before I wake
I'd love to give, it hurts to take
I'm sorry, time to say goodbye
Our times were happy, once they'd fly
But now they crawl away to die
Just like I'll lie down and cry
I'm not good.