The Many Pieces

Cracks are crawling up the walls,

Shooting through the floors,

Growing to the ceiling,

The sound of shattering glass ricochets off the walls.

I'll write everything on the mirrors and windows,

With my black and red diamonds...

And so their blood shall run cold,

And their tears shall fall like a storm's rain.

So I wait for the house to break,

Then I will know the taste of pain,

That will seep through,

As this place turns to dust and debris,

I breathe it in,

Cuts and shards of glass penetrate my throat.

I look to the ground...

There are cracks creeping through the dirt,

Slithering through the dead sky,

I smell that the end is near.

The earth is swallowing me,

As the sky merges in white and black,

I am burning...

And all the pieces fall.

Do you hear the explosion?

We're all smoldering,

As everything turns to different shades of grey.

All the slices falling to violet oblivion...

Who will pick them up?

These shards will make the universe split and bleed.

Rip the wings from the seraphim.