Rambling Fool Strikes Back

Plug your ears,
He's back again,
Shed the tears,
Kill a friend.
Rambling Fool
Back again,
Torture you,
Back again,
Kill a friend.
Now I always just let my words flow,
No matter how crazy they go,
And thank God, for blue flamingos,
'Cause I just love it when pink rain snows.
Writing, sitting in my baby chair,
Then I throw the food over there,
'Cause I love to buy candy at the fair,
But I also love when six-eyed people stare.
I can't believe that it's been so long,
One hundred thirty-two poems and songs,
And I hate it when dogs wear thongs,
Only on blue flamingoes do they not look wrong.
Now I wanted to wait 'till two hundred,
But I thought: why stall the dread,
I love eating cotton candy in bed,
And I always write about the color red.
Now notice some things of this Rambling Fool,
'Cause no one ever knows what I'll do,
I'll put a smile on you, or gross you out too,
As long as my lamp does not drool.
Now how much longer can I continue this,
What about the pain that it'll enlist,
'Cause I know for sure I've ruined your bliss,
And I love talking penguins with a lisp.
Now a word to all you fans of mine,
The ones who are counting down the time,
To finally eat, a Skittles lime,
As they listen to the beaver's rhyme.
I don't know why you even read me,
It is the best of junk, honestly,
It just applies, to flamingoes, seriously,
And the trapped cartoons dying to be free.
To stay for any longer just might,
Seal my fate, or cause me death tonight,
I have already gone through peril and sight,
Of butt-ugly dogs wearing thongs so tight.
I only do this out of love,
To share of retards above,
The blue flamingo loves the dove,
Now I've run out of things that rhyme with "ove."
To bid farewell makes me cry so hard,
The heavy-weight champion of lard,
That darn Legolas can see so far,
How did that famous Maverick draw that card?

February 16, 2004
JJR Meerraf