Author's Loving Note:

Ha ha suckers! Fooled you!


I have a twisted mind, don't I?

Bryant: Now, why the hell did I have to die?

TGK: Like hell I'm going to kill off Avril. She's too nice.

Av: Thank you Dillon.

TGK: Oh, you're welcome. As for you Bry...who knows? Maybe I'm happy you died! Ha ha!

Bry: You're mean.

TGK: And you're ugly. I based you off an old b/f. I don't like him anymore.

Bry: I told you you're mean.

TGK: And I'm the author! You're dead anyways!

Bry: Jerk.

Avril: To all, thank you for reading our story! Bye bye!

TGK: Hey. Who knows? There might just be a sequeal!