Dance to the music,
Forget it all.
Dance your sorrow away,
Dance to happy music.

Dance, dance child.
Dance on the wind.
Grab the hand of your love,
Grab the hand of the person you care for.

Sing to the music,
As it caresses your ears.
Dance under the moon,
It's soft silent lullaby
Whisking you away on its light

The beat gets fast,
Dance like crazy.
Dance it all away.
Throw the sad songs out.
Dance with your friends.
No more lingering on the past.

Let the good times come in,
And roll with your spirit.
Throw your hands in the air child,
Raise your hands to the heavens.
Your pain is gone.
Lifting from your body,
And into the night sky.

Throw your voice to the clouds.
Sing, dance, smile.
You'll find your way back on track.
Soon someone will join you in your dance,
And your alone no more.

Just dance.
Just sing.
Just fly on the wind,
Letting your soul fly.
Forget it all.