Surreal Reality

Life is a horrible dream

Then what's in a dream?

Can dreams be true and false?

Or do they exist without reality?

Then maybe you'll be real

And you'll stay with me…

Fantasy beings…

Esoteric nightmare

The illusion of humanity

All those morals

Let me practice my beliefs

Let me be what I am

Stop making war

Is that what stopped me?

Living that nightmare

Belonging to one Spirit

Not to good or evil

Not to right or wrong

Not to reality and falsehood

Not to duality

Not to personality

When we held up signs

And got involved

Can the world be perfect?

Or do we have to wait

And leave it up to Spirit?

Can't we even try?

Or is it beyond our knowledge?

You're energy too

Part of the same Spirit

Now even if we're wrong

Even if we can't burn incense

Or choose who we love

Or practice our faiths

We leave it to Spirit?

Dreams are what we fear

We hate the products of illusions

War against parts of our own soul

For that's what the "enemy" is

And we hate each other

Only to hate ourselves

Ever…mind the rule of three

Then how do we wake up?

Maybe we can be free

But there are so many incarnations

So many lives to go

I still want to help this world

Even if it's not real

Because it is to me