I always say I have so many reasons for loving you
But I never tell them, I keep them inside
Its your smile when im around
Its the way your hair hides your eyes
But yet I get a fleeting glimpse of them
Its your laugh when everythings perfect
Or how you give me a hug whenever I ask
Its the way you fit in my arms so perfectly
And I can hold you as long as I want, As long as you let me...
The way you take my pain away
My angst, my sorrow. my depression
The way you know what Im thinking when I stand there
Waiting for you to hold me before I go
How it feels like its just us soemtimes, and I can be with you
The way you took me back so easily
When you said you would wait forever
How you put up with my stupid jokes
The way it feels when were together
The way I feel again when were apart
It's so empty, so cold, so lonely, I always want to be with you
I never want to be apart
Would you tell me if you thought I was the one
Because I want this to never end
I want you to be happy, if its apart from me
Then let it be, but if its what I feel the absolute same
I want to know, could you have my last name?