If best friends are forever where did she go?
Have I missed her? Or has she left?
Maybe it is only me who is left behind
Somewhere along the line I was lost
Doomed to be forever alone
Loyalty, trust, honesty, the qualities of a best friend
I have had this in people, but never for long
The world is moving, changing
My heart is changing
My friends are leaving
Doomed to be forever alone
Through good times and bad
Laughter or tears, friends are together
Years pass friends remain, you change
For me year pass I change, friends change
Still doomed to be forever alone
Am I the problem?
Have I chosen the wrong friends?
I smile on the outside, while inside cries
I laugh until it hurts outside, inside only hurts
I feel pain, but conceal it
I show compassion and loyalty
Somehow I remain doomed to be forever alone
I hide what I feel, emptiness
I show I am happy
I simply live in the moment
I don't dwell on the past, it makes me cry
The past is too painful, too many memories
The future is unclear
The present is where I am happy
Still I feel I am doomed to be forever alone
The future may end up like the present
I am not hopeful
I do not allow myself to hope, nor wish
I have never been allowed to be anything but alone
Perhaps I haven't been totally alone, but not for long
If I can live for the present, never looking back perhaps someday
I will live with being, forever alone
Now the is like a gaping wound
A part of me always seems to be missing
As I look back there is never the person to complete the meory
As I cry I realize that I am forever alone
Always doomed to be forever alone