Sleep Sweet Angel
by: Trista Groulx

Sleep, now, sweet angel
For tomorrow is a new day
Filled with more test
More unfulfilled dreams
More sadness and heartache
Dream, now, sweet angel
Of a world that may never be
Filled with peace, and happiness
A world with true freedom
Somewhere truly equal
Sleep, now, sweet angel
To forget this world
Of war, of sorrow
Of pain, of suffering
Of torture, of tears
Dream, now, sweet angel
Of another happy world
Where freedom is in everyone's reach
Where everyone is really safe
Where we can all sleep and dream
In true and utter peace
In true freedom and equality
Sleep, now, sweet angel
Dream, now, sweet angel
And never forget you are loved

a/n: thinking of entering this into a contest, tell me what you think or if there are any better ones i should submit spanx