America is Number One

We're murdering children

But we're more concerned about gays

Because God is against them

We judge other people

If we didn't, we'd be anti-American

Because they said so

What a woman does to her body

Is more important than world hunger

One live versus millions

Consensual acts Bush dislikes

Are more sinful than forced marriages

Because we don't know about them

What religion a person practices

Is more important than their morals

As long as you go to church

We love God for loving us

He's our perfect excuse to hate

And they call that the American dream

Being Christian is more important

Than a president's fairness and intelligence

So let's all follow the masses

What color I wear is more important

Than how I feel on the inside

Blame Goths for Columbine

We're destroying the world for others

But how we feel is more important

Because America is number one