A/N: I wrote this on spur of the moment people.

~*~*~*~*~ Concrete Angel ~*~*~*~*~

The girl walked home silently, with her head bowed down, lost in her own thoughts. The wind was blowing and she wrapped her jacket around her to keep her warm. Wincing, she loosened her grip on her bruised arms and looked upwards to the sky, wishing her soul was up there, away from the pain she had held for the 8 years of her life.

~She walked to School with the Lunch She packed,

Nobody knows what she's holding back.

Wearing the same dress she wore yesterday,

She hides the bruises with linen and lace. ~

Her face grimaced as she realized she was only a block away from her dreadful home. As her school things tightened against her chest as she hugged herself, she remembered the things that had happened recently at her school..

Her teacher, Mrs. Burns, had walked up to her and had lightly touched her shoulder. When the girl had winced, she ahd taken off her jacket and gasped and large black and blue bruises she had seen.

"Michelle? Where did all these bruises come from?!" Her teacher had asked. Her heart raced as she tried to think up of something so she didn't bring too much attention to herself.

"I..I uhh. I am clumsy Mrs. Burns, playing too much out in the woods I guess." She quickly lied through her teeth. Mrs. Burns gave her a disbelieving look, but she didn't ask about it again.

The wind blew once more as Michelle shivered from the cold. Her knee was killing her, step by step it stung and step by step it weakened. She blinked back tears as she closed in on what she would call home as she held the pain in her legs back. Knowing it would get worse is she complained.

~ The teacher wonders but she doesn't ask,

It's hard to see the pain behind the mask.

Bearing the burden of a secret storm,

Sometimes she wishes she was never born. ~

'Creeeaaaaakkk.' The door to her house opened quietly as she tip toed in, gently placing her books on the banister, she listened intently for any signs of life within the house. Hearing nothing, she mentally sighed in relief, picked up her books, and ran up the stairs into her bedroom. The one place she ever felt safe.

Plopping down onto her bed, she carefully set to work on her school work. Hoping that if she thought hard enough, the pain in her limbs and heart would subside, making her feel like a normal girl, if for but one second. Is she could feel that, she might be able to live out the days that roll by.

~ Through the wind and the rain,

She stands hard as a stone.

In a world that she can't rise above.

But her dreams give her wings,

And she flies to a place where she's loved.

Concrete Angel.. ~

As she worked silently on her math, the clock ticked and time went by and soon it was nearing 8 o'clock. The girl had fallen asleep slightly on her bed with her head on her open book, and pencil still in her hand. The ringing of the phone jolted her out of her dream like state as she sleepily reached for the phone and answered it.


"Michelle? Is that you?" She grinned when she heard her friend Jason on the other line. The only person that had kept her from breaking fully apart, her smile faded when she felt the pain in her knees again as she put her weight on them.

"Yes it's me." She said. And soon, she and Jason were in a deep conversation and she felt normal and understood for once with a light smile caressing her face.

~ Somebody cries in the middle of the night,

The neighbors hear but they turn out the lights.

A fragile soul caught in the hands of fate,

When morning comes it will be too late. ~

The minutes flew bye as she talked to the boy, and as she laughed and giggled at some private joke, she never heard the door to her room be slowly opened.

"Haha! Yes I thought that movie was funny! You do his voice perfectly!!" She giggled as her feet kicked on her bed. The math book that was long forgotten was picked up on her bed and gently closed as it was raised into the air by male hands.

"Well I did practice!!" Jason's voice echoed across the phone. Michelle was about to open her mouth to say more when the sound of a book flying through the air came and cracked against her skull. Sending her flying to the floor and phone clanging onto the table.

"AHH!!" She screamed in pain as her hands gripped onto her head. In a distant part of her mind she could hear Jason's worried voice yelling for her on the phone. She looked up and her eyes widened as she saw her Step Father standing over her, holding her math book in his hands.

"You haven't done all your homework." He stated menacingly. "And you are talking to that damn boy again aren't you?!?!" She just nodded her head in fear as the man she once called dad walked towards her and lifted her off the floor by her hair. "Answer me you LITTLE BITCH!!" She shook her in the air as she screamed in pain, her arms turned red as new bruises appeared from the drunken man's grip.

"Michelle?!?! Michelle what's going on?!?! Michelle!?!?!" Jason's voice screamed on the phone as he heard the sounds of a book slamming against skull and the screams of his friend echoing in the distance of the receiver on his phone.

"AHH!!! I'm sorry!! Please stop hurting me!!!" She squealed as her pencil was suddenly picked up and stabbed into her leg. Tears sprayed from her eyes as she saw her step dad look at her with a manic grin on his face.

"Sorry won't save you now you little whore." He spat onto her face. "I am going to make sure you NEVER disobey me again!" The book slammed onto her head once more as she sank into unconsciousness, never knowing when her brain was going to be finally smashed by the onslaught of the book falling onto her head.

And Jason was still on the phone, hearing everything.

~Through the wind and the rain,

She stands hard as a stone.

In a world that she can't rise above.

But her dreams give her wings,

And she flies to a place where she's loved.

Concrete Angel. ~

By the time morning came, Jason had gotten his parents to call 911, but as the cops searched through the household of where Michelle lived, all they found was a passed out, drunken step-father. And a dead girl with a smashed in skull lying against the floor by her bed. A pencil was stuck in her leg and the look on her face clearly told every one that she had left this world behind her, and was in a better place.

Jason was the only one crying when her body was taken out of the house. He was the only one that new the girl and new her deepest and darkest secrets. And no one else seemed to care. He wiped the tears from his eyes as he ran off to the comfort of his parents.

~A stature stands in a shaded place,

An angel girl with an upturned face.

A name is written on a polished rock,

A broken heart that the world forgot. ~

Jason grew shy of the world, and he visited his best friend's grave day after day. Wondering why he couldn't have saved her. Wondering, why he had to hear the sounds of her cries of pain, or her death coming. Day and night he would cry himself to sleep, remembering the horrors of that dreadful night.

But from one talk that his parents gave him, that lasted long into the night. He learned his friend was not truly gone. For her soul was as hard as stone, and she'd never leave the only person that cared for her. He knew, somewhere inside of him that a sad little girl watched over him, still as the stone, facing the world head on.

Just like the concrete angel that covered her gravestone.

~ Through the wind and the rain,

She stands hard as the stone.

In a world that she can't rise above.

But her dreams give her wings,

And she flies to a place where she's loved..

Concrete Angel!!! ~


A/N: I was inspired to write this after I heard the song Concrete Angel by Martine McBride. I was even more encouraged to write it when I saw the video to this song. This story is a tribute to those who have rough lives, and need a hand to help hold them up. For they are not the only ones that the world forgot.

They are not the only ones. Who are Concrete Angels.