I want to have control over my life again. I don't want to live like this anymore, controlled by men who use me, who put me through these things for no other reason than they like it.

I don't want them to rule my life anymore. I don't want to go through my days in constant fear, waiting for them to come, jumping at the slightest touch. I want to be able to be able to leave my house without a million terrified thoughts running through my head, wondering what could happen if they find out. I want to be able to talk to my family, really talk to them, without the conversation tainted by lies I'm sure they can see right through.

I don't know how much longer I can live like this, obeying them, doing as they ask because I have no choice, bowing down to their power because they're stronger than me.

They say everyone has a breaking point. When will I reach mine? Today? Tomorrow? A week? A month? A year?

I don't know how much longer I can stand this.