In my dark room
With tiredness, gloom
Music and my guitar
Joss-smoke, I'm alone.

This is my mother's loving embrace
This is the kiss of a girl who is shy
This is lying, floating in space
This is the friend with whom I drink wine
This is the song I've been longing to write
This is the grate of my key in the lock
This is half-sleeping, warm at night
This is a lyric to "I am a rock"

Because I lie awake
Because I am a fake
My own enemy
Alone in my dark room

This is my father's sexist joke
This is rejection for the third time
This is an eye that is stung by smoke
This is betrayal, written in rhyme
This is emotion, badly expressed
This is the drunken tramp threatening me
This is awake, too hungover to dress
This is the phrase, too disturbingly


In my dark room
I sit and smile
And wonder which of these is more vileā€¦