I think it was the right time for part of me to die
It was a part I cherished, and when time came to lie
Or cheat I took the coward's way out and cut my heart
In two, so that you'd never have a chance to take a part
Of it away
Why should I be nice
When every single day
I compromise my own beliefs
I do not want pity or relief
Because I was a traitor to all I loved
I never subscribed to God above
But something up there fucked me up
Spirits and the tea leaves in the dirty cup
That ruined me, but here again
I lie to myself so I don't have to take the blame
Look at me and my cowardice
If I were a good man I'd slit my wrists
Because I preach of love and then I break
And rip apart the love I once did make
And break a heart, not that I'm such a catch
I always said I was worthless, light a match
And try to see into the dark
The final straw of what's in me
Please hurt me: I'm so selfish I can't even bear the guilt.