I understand the way
You look like you might cry
The anger lasts all day
So mad you want to die
I never promised much
I always let you down
It's just because I'm such
A grating, bitter sound
Ever since the time I spoke
And told you that I would stay
The words, they fell and broke
They landed right in my way
I promised you I'd leave
I always said I'd hurt you
You don't need time to grieve
I don't pretend I'll stick around
I don't pretend that love's forever

I think this time I've done it
I think this time was bad
The things I never wanted
Were all you let me have
And every time I'm near you
I feel like such a fool
It's almost like I fear you
The same way I fear school
My cowardice was striking
I should have never gone away
Because you weren't to my liking
I've been selfish again today
It's like I crashed and burned
Because I flew too near the sun
Loving sentiments unreturned
But now I don't pretend that I can take it
No point in saying I won't fake it
I understand your agony
You're nowhere near as mad at me
As I have now become.