Can you tell me if iam awake or dreaming my love?
Or you white dove whose wings freshly broken bares us both aloft
Both? Yes you and me and she my love
who hides peace in downy feathers
beneath those wildly flapping wings
Struggling to hold onto the wind
For fear of loosing our voices in her ear
Encouraging her to fight this battle against the sky
Against the growing wind
Against the darkening clouds
Against the siren songs of those earth bound
Who cry out for her as we did
Yet only one can be born aloft
On these ethereal white wings
Only one can cling to this tiny back
Arching in the wind
Being forced down by rain
Broken by thunder and shattered by lightening
Only one can do so while holding you my love
But if you were to reach down
And searching those earthbound
Came upon one whose song stirred your soul
Whose cries touched your heart
Would you be wont to reach down
And lift that one on high
We three plus she who fights the breeze
Borne of peace and serenity on ethereal wings
Will bless this world
Can you tell me if iam awake or dreaming my love?
Because this wind is lifting me