Coming Home

I never thought

That this day would come

When I would pack

My few belongings

And journey on

Kissing my loved ones

And hugging my children

While they cry and cry

I smile and hold them tighter

Fighting back my own

Though I do not know

If I will see them again

And hold them in my arms


That they are mine

My friends will be joining me

As I put on my uniform

Looking at my house

And smiling

For their sake

Some of them might die

My wonderful brave friends

Who are willing

To give up everything

Just to serve their country

And though

Our leaders

May not appreciate us

Or even say goodbye

We will still fight for them

So now the day has come

To sweep my friends and I

Away to a foreign country

That might be very kind to us

Or even sign our death warrant

But to all those Americans

Whom I will fight to protect

Be proud of your country

And I shall come home

Once again