The Legend of the Moon

A long time ago

When Earth was still young

And the day

And the night

Were separated

There lived two kingdoms

Called the Night and the Day

Where each was ruled by gods

Who were as different

As they come

Day gods were the rulers

When the sun loved to shine

In the sky showing goodness


Was what they gave

But when the sun began to set

Into the cold lonely hills

The day gods ruled no more

And night gods

Reigned supreme

They would spread romance

And tales of the stars

Dancing with the night wind

While encouraging


The Days gods and Night gods

Glorified in their separate reigns

Relishing their own kind

And following

The taboo

Oh yes the taboo

That separated them all

It was there from the beginning

And always said

The same words

"Day gods and Night Gods

Cannot contact each other

And this may not be broken

For dire consequences

Would be made"

And so the rulers

Of the Night and Day

Beautiful Queen Dalexia 

And handsome Lord Menathius

Were trained from their very birth

To never permit communication

And enforce this forbidden law

With all the infinite power

Of the heavens


Therefore, the law was followed

For more then a thousand years

The Day gods loathed the night

And the Night gods

Loathed the day

But the beautiful Marionette

The princess of the night

Who would often dream of the day

And how gorgeous

It may be

And the handsome William

The prince of the day

Would wonder for weeks on end

About how truly wonderful

The night really was

Then one day Marionette

Who couldn't stand the mystery

Decided to visit

And see the day

For herself

So she left the dark domain

When the sun rose above

And hid among the forests


That no one would find her

She waited there for a few minutes

Fearing the punishment

But then ventured from her hiding place

And saw for the first time ever

The magnificence of the day

She marveled at the sun

With its golden warmth

And all the flowers

And animals

That she usually saw asleep

"How beautiful,"

She murmured

As she stared

At this new world

With all its fanatastic wonders

She ran through the flower fields

Breathing in their scent

Hoping that this mysterious day

Would never

Ever end

But as she continued dancing

A handsome face saw her

Puzzled over who she was

But mesmerized

By her beauty

He descended from the sky

Where the day gods lived

In a golden castle filled with flowers

But bored

The restless prince

He slowly

Walked towards her

With his mind in total confusion

What is a night goddess doing here?

In the middle of the day

At first Marionette

Did not notice

The handsome stranger

But then she accidentally

Spun her body into his arms

Marionette looked up

In total fear of discovery

And tried to get away

By struggling in his arm

Hoping to get free

But soon her struggles were stilled

When she heard a soft sentence

"Don't be afraid," the stranger said

As he loosened his gentle grip

"I won't hurt you at all"

Marionette was so confused

By this strange calm voice

It held no anger or hatred

That she usually heard

From others

And so she looked up

At the tall mysterious stranger

And saw in utter disbelief

 How handsome

He truly  was

 "Are you going to kill me?"

She finally asked

"Because you know I am night goddess,"

Whom you are suppose to hate,

With an all consuming passion."

"I know you are a night goddess

And a beautiful one at that

But please let me ask you

One final question

And then I will let you free"

"What is that?"

Marionette asked

Curious and frightened

Maybe he WILL kill me

Oh help me somebody!

"What is it like?"

The stranger asked

"To see the stars in the night sky

And know what they all mean

As they stare upon your face?"

Marionette looked at the stranger

With a questioning look

Why does a day god want to know?

About what the night

Is truly like?

"Why do you want to know that?"

Marionette asked

As she was released from his arms

"Because," the stranger said

"I have never seen the night."

And then the stranger smiled

The most charming smile

That Marionette had ever seen

On any

Handsome boy

He is not like the night gods

That I am often with

He's kinder

and gentler

But how can that be?

"My name is William,"

The stranger said

And bent forwards

To kiss

Her hand

And Marionette was cautious

As she slowly extended it

But the moment William's lips

Touched her cool

Pale skin

She felt a great warmth

Flowing through her body

Scaring her a little

But encouraging her

To smile

And William stared back

Into her lovely gray eyes

That glittered like the stars

In the night

He never knew

And from that day on

The two curious gods

Fell so deeply in love

And ignored their roles

And laws

William as a day god

Marionette as a night goddess

The taboo forbid it!

But they did not care

At all

So they met at a pond

Every dusk

And twilight

Where light could meet darkness

And none would be the wiser

And their love grew deeper

At each separate meeting

And the eternal taboo

Which everyone followed

Held no power over them

But they knew however

That if they should

Be discovered

The most brutal execution

Would be sentenced to them both

But for their deep love

They were willing to die

For each other and their meetings

Being together

Was enough

But then one fateful day

A nymph from the night


The two lovers

And went to tell his Queen

He told Dalexia

The mother of Marionette

That her own daughter

Was nothing

But a traitor

Dalexia erupted

And declared eternal war

She prepared to attack the day

And kill

The manipulative prince

Menathius soon found out

About his son's affair

With an evil night goddess

Whom, he thought with a vengeance

Would turn his son against him

So the Lord grabbed his weapons

And cried

A bloodthirsty cry

"Arm yourselves my men!

We are at war!"

The lovers were shocked

About what they had done

William held his beloved

While she cried, "Oh heaven help us

We have started a war!"

They rushed to the battlefield

And pleaded with their parents

But neither of them would listen

For both of them

Felt betrayed

Dalexia scolded Marionette

About how foolish she had been

"You've been manipulated by a day god!

The scum

Of the earth itself!"

Menathius yelled at William

"How could you be so stupid son?

As to let an evil night goddess

Seduce you like a schoolboy

And let her use you to her whims"

Marionette begged her mother

To stop the war

"Mother please end this,

We have done nothing wrong!"

Dalexia did not listen

William begged his father

To also cease the fighting

"Son, you are fool,"

Menathius replied

"And you shall die as a fool!"

The day gods and the night gods

Warred and fought like wolves

Blood was being spilt

And the lovers

Were the cause of it

Marionette tried to find William

In the field where they first met

But then Menathius found her

And prepared

To lop off her head

Dalexia saw

What her enemy was about to do

And she fired an arrow

That shot straight towards him

Directly at his heart

But the lord of the day ducked

And the arrow flew

Past him

But towards Marionette herself

And she screamed in terror

William heard his beloved

And ran as fast as he could

He shielded the one he loved

And took the arrow

In his back


Marionette cried

As his life drained slowly away

He said "I love you," one last time

And surrendered to his death

Overcome with grief

Marionette ripped out the arrow

That had killed her William

The only man

She would ever love

Her tears ran down her face

As she quickly tore it out

And turned the fatal arrow

Slowly, slowly towards her

And aimed for her heart

"Marionette, NO!"

The queen cried

And rushed forward to stop her

But alas she was too late

Her daughter was dead

Marionette had taken the arrow

That had killed her beloved William

And plunged it through her heart

So she would always

Be with him

Her blood poured everywhere

And her heart ceased to beat

She slowly

Slowly died

"William,"she whispered, "I'm coming!"

Then the day Lord, and the night Queen


At their beloved children

Their lifeless cold corpses

Laying on the ground

Dalexia cried

And Menathius wept

They had truly loved their children

But because of their anger

Both of them were dead

Then the queen and the lord

Who had been enemies from the start

Declared peace between the gods

And destroyed

The eternal taboo

But as a reminder

Of their shame

And their eternal grief

They made a celestial tombstone

For their dearest children's grave

A round pearl-white stone

Filled with beautiful light

Symbolized William

And his great courage

For his love

And the scenery of the starry night

Where the stone was now placed

Symbolized Marionette

And her undying devotion

For William

So they placed the tombstone

Among the heavenly stars

Where even they cried

Over the tragic

Tragic loss

"The moon is its name,"

Menathius declared

"And it shall glow forever

Like the constant wonderful joy

My son had given me."

"And it shall be beautiful,"

The queen added on

"Like my daughter's own face

And grant love upon the earth

Like she always did to me."

Then the night Queen

And the day Lord

Who had nothing left to rule

Parted ways for all eternity

And vanished from mortal minds

And today we worship

Different gods

That have given us different laws

And the past of the old ones

Remains forgotten forever

And the war between those gods

The night and the day

Seem more

Like a mystery

Then an actual real event

But this is how it ended

The war between light and dark

Where two lovers ignored

The taboo

That started it all

But though they may be gone

From history and the heavens

Maybe somewhere magical

Where you and I

Can't see

A beautiful night princess lives

With her handsome day prince

Living in total harmony

Being together

At last