My Dad

Ever since

That very first step

Right into the future

You have been next me

Waiting to save the day

Holding my hand

Smiling at my actions

Calling me "Sweetie"

All the time

How I love those moments

Putting me on your shoulders

Sharing lessons with me

History, politics

Things I didn't know

All of them came from you

And when I acted

So badly

In front of your friends

Your bosses

And even your family

You still were the first one

To greet me with a smile

And sweep me into your arms

Holding me

Like a treasure

All the things I ever did

The bad along with the good

You stayed right beside me

Never backing down

Always fighting for me

Your jokes made me laugh

Even when I groaned

And said

"Don't go into showbiz Dad,"

"You're better off being with me"

And you always laughed

With all the jokes that followed

Eyes glittering like gems

With a deep brown color

Along with a deep love

Though we were divided

As a family

Mom and little one

Close together 

It was always you and I

You were the one

Who told me stories

That made me laugh and cry

Each one was so special

I loved them all endlessly

But out of all the things

That I have spoke of

There was still that moment

Where I was happiest

Most of all

It was the time

I first met you

Being cradled in your arms

And hearing your soft sweet voice

"Hello Laura, I'm your Dad."