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Summary: Reagan has been dating her boyfriend, Noah, for two years, and it seemed as though things couldn't get any better. School comes to an end and Noah tells Reagan that he's leaving for the week to Maine to visit his sister. More news is sprung on the sixteen-year-old when her father, Kale, tells her that he's going to get married. And to who? Zoey Lawless, of course. Reagan's excited to meet the woman, knowing her father deserves someone, and is even more excited to hear she'll have a stepbrother. The boy, though, as dark and mysterious as he is, couldn't have piqued her curiosity more of spreading her wings to see what else is out there, boyfriend wise, of course. And the best part about this mysterious boy? His best friend.


Disturbing the Peace

Ordinary Boy:

The best time to tweeze your eyebrows is right out of the shower. When the mirrors are still steamy and your hair's still dripping wet. I leaned over the sink, eyebrows raised, mouth open in an oval shape, hands poise. I closed my left eye and focused my right eye on my right eyebrow. God, I had neglected this brow. Poor thing. It was so good to me, too, with it's natural arch. But sometimes, they got out of hand – to the point of borderline uni-brow. And nobody wants that.

"Reag!" A rapping came to the bathroom door. I turned my head, feeling my wet hair slide across my bare back.

"Yeah?" I called. I walked over to the door, clutching the white towel around my dripping body.

"Are you almost ready?" My little sister, Nellie, asked through the door. I tore away the wood that separated us and looked at her. She had tried to curl her hair, but it didn't turn out quite right. There's an art to curling curly hair. Even at fourteen, she still couldn't primp herself. I grinned.

"Almost." I said. She was dressed in a khaki skirt and a red top. It looked good against her tan skin.

"Can we . . . talk before we go downstairs?"

"Sure." I said. "I'll be finished in a second, okay?" I closed the door before I waited for her reply. I went back to the bathroom, knowing the cool air from the hallway was closing my pores. I plucked a stray hair and winced. I needed a waxer. One quick rip and you're set. This hair-by-hair process was not cutting it.

I plugged in the hairdryer and took on the ten-minute act of drying my hair. It was too thick and too long. I thought about cutting it, but I had been growing it out since the sixth grade! I kind of felt attached. I couldn't hear anything but the hairdryer as I doubled over. I hated drying my hair. Someone needed to invent a better way of going about that sort of thing. I'd do it. I would.

I finished in the bathroom roughly thirteen minutes later. They'd be coming at seven. It was almost six thirty. Dad made me promise that I would be ready at fifteen 'til seven. I so had this.

Nellie was sitting on my bed when I went into my bedroom. She was looking through one of my magazines. She looked up at me when I came in. I walked towards my closet.

"What'd you want to talk about?" I asked her as I searched for something to wear. I couldn't decide on a look. Casual. Casual-chic. Dress-up. Dress-up-chic. So many decisions. I grabbed a pair of black slacks with these nice maroon pin-strips. Paired with my silky maroon camisole, and I'd be set for the night. I wanted to make a good first-impression.

"Oh, nothing." Nellie said. She didn't watch as I changed. "Just . . . aren't you a little uncomfortable with this?"

"With what?"

"Dad, and this woman."

"Her name's Zoey."

"He's been single for ten years. Why does he need a wife now?"

"He's lonely, Nel. And I think it'll be good for him." I said. Our mother, Becca, ran out on us when I was six. Ten years ago. She had been acting weird. Even at six I had noticed. One day, she just left. She called us when I turned nine and asked how we were getting along. Dad told her rather bitterly that we were perfect without her. I hadn't heard from her since. Dad had been raising Nellie and I all on his own and aside from his attempt to educate me on the menstrual cycle, he had done an excellent job. He deserved Zoey. From what I heard, she was perfect for him. That night would be my first night meeting her. They were going to get married in July. The 30th. It would be a Saturday.

"Don't you think it's weird we've never met her?" Nellie asked. "And she has a son too? I don't want a brother."

"I do." I grinned. "It'll be interesting, I think."

"Interesting." Nellie rolled her eyes.

I could smell dinner cooking downstairs. Dad wasn't exactly the best chef, but this was pasta. Anyone can boil noodles. I'll admit, I was nervous to meet dad's fiancee, and her son, but I was trying to be positive. I learned a long time ago that if you look at things negatively, that's how they'll turn out. Positive attitude yields positive outcome. For the most part. Just don't quote me on that one.

I sprayed conditioner in my hair and proceeded to brush. The one good thing about my hair was that you didn't have to do much to it for it to look good. It was curly, naturally ringlet curly, and almost hit my ass. As I combed, the locks formed curls down my back. The only thing I had to worry about were my bangs, which I usually swiped to the side. I grabbed the bottle of perfume Noah had bought me and sprayed it on my chest.

Noah was gone. He had left Wednesday to go visit his sister in Maine. We lived in California. Irvine, California and he were going to Maine. Can we say completely opposite end of the country? I don't know why his sister decided to move out there. I think her husband worked with lobsters. I could be wrong. I was sad he was gone – I wanted him to meet Zoey too. He would be back the next Thursday he said. I'd be anxiously awaiting his return, or so I thought.

"We'd better go downstairs." Nellie said, standing up. She looked at me and gave me a sad grin. "It just doesn't feel right."

"It will." I smiled. Nellie was a mirror imagine of me. Long, caramel hair and pretty golden eyes. She was tan, though. I was a sunscreen kind of Cali-girl. Yes, they do exist. I didn't want cancer and besides, pale is sexy, as long as I can't see the blue veins on your jaw. I gave Nellie a quick hug and we went downstairs together.

I had kind of taken on the role of 'mother' to Nellie. That was basically the reason for my constant positive outlook. I liked being the one Nellie went to when she was in trouble, with boy problems, friendship issues, or the like. I was a very friendly person, but sadly, I had been stereotyped. I was a prep. I guess it was because I had been dating a "prep", Noah, since our sophomore year. Junior year had just ended. I really didn't mind because that gave me a lot of people to talk to. People who were "popular" and people who wanted to be. I liked everyone. My lab partner my sophomore year was your typical "nerd" stereotype. She was in the marching band, glee club, etc. But she was a nice girl. Being her lab partner actually gave her more friends. The only people that I really couldn't talk to, were the hard-core "punks". The people who dressed in the punk stereotype usually would speak to me if I spoke to them, but the ones who were all "Fuck the government!" would say "Fuck Reagan Cowellan!" just as quickly. I tried not to concern myself.

Dad was a businessman. We weren't rich, but we were up there, I think. He could afford to keep our big, fancy house and he bought me a car for my sixteenth birthday. He had just started going away on business trips. He said he didn't like it as much, but it would make less time in the office and more money in the bank in the long run. He knew Nellie and I were responsible, and our grandparents, dad's parents, lived only twenty minutes away. He usually had us "check in" there when he was away on business. He was never gone longer than four days at a time, though. I didn't like "checking in" because I liked to go out and have a good time, but I did it. Being negative about the checking in would make everything ten times worse.

Nellie and I stood in the foyer, smelling the boiling water and garlic bread. Dad came out into the foyer straight from the kitchen, untying the apron he wore. He's a riot.

He was dressed plainly in a shiny blue button-up and black slacks. His gray hair was cut short. He grinned and let out a deep breath. "You girls ready?"

"Ready as ever." I said, smiling widely.

Dad rubbed his hands together swiftly and looked at Nellie. "You all right?"

"I'm okay." She said.

"I know it's weird." Dad said. "But you'll love Zoey."

Dad met Zoey on a business trip. They had to share a hotel room because the hotel canceled Zoey's reservation and dad, with his big heart, offered her his room. She said they could share it, since they were in the same trade they'd have something to talk about. They hit if off right away. She lived in Arizona, not too far away, but was going to move in with us that night. Dad had cleaned out a storage room for Zoey's son. He was my age. Dad had only met him once and for the life of him, couldn't remember his name. That's my father for you.

A timer went off and dad went scurrying back into the kitchen. I elbowed Nellie.


"Be nice." I said sternly. "Can't you see how excited he is? He hasn't been this excited in years."

"I know." Nellie said, sitting down on the bottom step. The doorbell rang. Nellie's head shot up. "Do we get it?" She asked.

"I don't know." I sort of panicked. I didn't know if dad wanted to get the door or not. "Dad?"

"Get the door!" He called from the kitchen. I wrung my hands nervously for a second before I went to the door and pulled it open. It was seven-oh-six

"You must be Reagan." The woman said, stepping into the house. She had a huge smile on her face. Her dark hair was half-up at the back of her head and she wore a tan colored blouse with a flowing black skirt. Went down to about the knee.

"That's me." I said in a cheery sort of voice as she hugged me.

"You are a beautiful girl. Your father doesn't lie."

I blushed. "Thank you."

"And Nellie." Zoey said. Nellie stood up and hugged the stranger. I grinned sheepishly to her as they broke away. Dad came into the room, wiping his hands on a small kitchen towel.

"You made it." Dad said, kissing Zoey quickly before they hugged. "I was hoping you'd find the place all right."

"It wasn't too hard." Zoey said. "Drove passed it the first time though."

Dad looked around the foyer and furrows his brows. "Where's, ah . . ."

"Deakon." Zoey laughed. She turned around and sighed. She walked towards the door and stuck her head out. "Deakon, honey, don't be rude."

"Hold on." A deep voice resonated from outside. Zoey turned around and rolled her eyes with a playful sigh.

"I'm sorry." She said. "He'll be right in." She stopped and paused for a second, placing her hands on her hips. "Did you cook?" She asked. Dad grinned and the two, hand in hand, walked into our kitchen.

"She seems nice." I said, smiling. "Smells good."

Nellie giggled for a second. "That's always a plus, isn't it?"

"I like her."

"Good first impression, but that's all I'm giving her."

I rolled my eyes just as the front door opened up again. In entered the infamous Deakon. His hair was practically white, a fluffy mess atop his head. A few strands fell around his eyes, his eyebrows nearly as white. Was he albino or something? His tan skin didn't say so. He wore a pair of faded, wore out jeans and a skinny black tee shirt that said "The Exploited" in white writing.

"Hey." I said, extending my hand for him to shake. He looked down at me with these stunning green eyes. I was caught off guard.

"Hey." He said, shaking my hand. He had a strong grip. "Deakon."

"I'm Reagan."

He just nodded. Nellie stood up and introduced herself. Deakon was tall and skinny. He kind of looked like a goth. I couldn't tell if he had eyeliner on or not. Sure, goths don't have platinum blonde hair and tan skin, but that was the vibe I got. I think he had a tongue ring. He walked passed Nellie and I and went into the kitchen. I heard Zoey introduce her son to my father.

Dinner went rather well. Dad wasn't that bad of a cook and Zoey wasn't that bad of a woman. She was funny, talkative without being annoying, and she was so friendly. She acted as though she had been a part of our family for years. I liked hearing her voice for some reason. Deakon, on the other hand, didn't say a word all dinner. He picked at his food, but mostly ate the garlic bread. It was very good garlic bread, though.

Afterwards, we all helped carry Zoey and Deakon's belongings into the house. They didn't have much right away, more of their things would be brought as the days went by and Zoey made trips back home. Deakon went straight into his room and shut the door. He wasn't being rude I don't think, just isolating. I understood.

Around nine, the phone rang. I was in my room on my computer. A knock came to my door and Nellie came in. "Phone." She said.

"Okay, thanks." I said to her as I rolled my chair across my thick rug to the phone on my nightstand. "Hello?"

"Hey." It was Noah. Instantly, a smile sparked on my face. "What's up?"

"Not much." I said, rolling back towards the computer. "Zoey and Deakon came today."


"My soon-to-be stepbrother. Zoey's son."

"Ah." He said. He wasn't interested. That's okay.

"So how's Maine?"

"All right." He said.

"Is it hot there?"

"Kind of cold compared to home." He said.

"I wish you were here." I said.

"Me too. There's nothing to do here."

"Come back."

He laughed quietly on the other line. "I'll be back Thursday."

"That's a whole week away."

"I know."

Noah hated silence on the phone. I really didn't mind it. I typed on my computer to my friend, Mia. She was going to have a little get-together at her house on Friday. "Mia's have a party." I said as Mia returned my message.

"That's cool." Noah said. "Are you going?"

"I don't know."


"Why not?"

Noah was quiet for a minute. "I don't know. Don't want you getting drunk and screwing any guys."

"Shut up." I forced myself to laugh. I wasn't much of a drinker. Probably because I couldn't be. After two drinks, regardless of what it was, I was out. "You know I don't screw."

"Oh yeah, I know."

Noah and I hadn't had sex. I was still a virgin, which just left me to assume that he was too. I wasn't waiting until marriage or anything. It just needed to be the right place, at the right time, with the right guy.

"Don't be mean." I said.

"How is that mean?"

"I don't want to do . . . that with anyone right now. You know that."

"Yeah. Well, I'd better go. Long distance call."

"Oh, okay. Will you call me later?"

"I'll try." He said. "Love you."

"Love you too. Bye." I heard the soft click. He pressed the end button on my cordless and threw it back on my bed. Why the hell couldn't I go to Mia's stupid party? I was going. I wasn't planning on it, but him telling me not to made me want to go even more. I didn't like disobeying him, but he had no right to tell me what to do. I wasn't upset, though. I couldn't be.

I wondered how Deakon was doing. I felt bad for him. He had to move away from his friends, though they weren't that far away. At least he wouldn't have to come into school during the year. He'd be able to enjoy summer vacation; meeting all kinds of new people I'd introduce him to, and then start his senior year just like everyone else at the school.

Down the wide hallway was Deakon's bedroom. It was weird to see light come from underneath the crack of the door. It looked weird against the carpet. I heard music playing, but it wasn't too loud. I knocked on the door and waited. I didn't hear anything. I knocked again. I turned the knob and pushed the door open.

"Hey Deakon, I-"

But I was cut off at the site of his back. He wasn't wearing a shirt. He was not wearing a shirt and I had just walked in on him. My stepbrother-to-be. I just stood there as he turned around. He had a cell phone up at his left ear. He put his hand up, as if to tell me to wait a second, not fazed at his half-dressed, chiseled . . . rock-hard body exposed to my virgin eyes. I bit my lip as he turned back to the window. A second later, he closed the phone and looked at me.

"Yeah?" He asked, grabbing his black shirt. He put his arms through the sleeves before he pulled it over his head. He had some ab muscles going on there, too. Christ, Reagan, stop looking!

"I was uh, just wondering how you were doing."

"I'm fine." He said, opening the window.

"What are you . . ." But I stopped as he stuck one leg out of the window and straddled the sill. "Are you leaving?"

"Just for a bit." He said. "My friend's picking me up."

"You have a friend?"

Deakon chuckled. "Hard to believe, I know."

"That's not what I meant."

"I know." He said. "We board together. I won't be gone long."

"Oh, I don't care." I said. But I still stood there. And he didn't move. He swung his other leg out of the window and looked at me.

"Do you . . . want to come?"

"Oh no." I shook my head. "Yeah, actually, I do."

He grinned. "You can come." He said. I smiled. I had never hung out with the punks before. I only assumed that was whom he was referring to. Punks "board", don't they? I saw the clique at school, but they weren't my crowd. I talked to them when I got the chance during class or whatever, but we never hung out. I wondered if there would be people from my school. I hated wasting my summer break nights at home. Beside, this would be a good time to bond with my soon-to-be stepbrother. He hopped down onto the roof of the first story and helped me out of the window. I had never left through the window before. I felt rebellious. I felt something else to as he grabbed his large hands around my waist to bring me safely to the earth. We both stopped and looked at each other.

It was the weirdest feeling in the world. Something squirming inside of me. He took his hands away, both of us unaware of his grasp and he turned around. He started walking. I jogged up to him and walked beside him under the light of the streetlamps.


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