Pretty little picture of a pretty little girl
Such a pretty little picture
Of such a pretty little girl
Her smile is a lie you know
There's nothing about it that's real
You tell her to be pretty
You tell her to smile wide
And the picture you have of her
Is such a pretty little lie
You dolled her up in that pink dress
With long sleeves to cover the scares
You put those bows in her hair
To cover the chunks you pulled out
You put blush on her cheeks
To cover the bruises you gave her
You sat her in a chair in the light
And said isn't she an angel
The man behind the camera
Said give me your best smile
She looked up at the lens
And smiled bright pretty
And if you hold that picture close
And look as hard as you can
You can see it
That one little tear
In this pretty little picture
Of this pretty little lie