Requiem of Solitude
There is a beauty in a melody of everything
So harmonious and in sync with the hand of God
In awe I watch the stars fall beside my bed
Outside my window
Along my sideline of lateral tears
Lying down
Its something I have never before felt
A forbidden love
You are like the Romeo of the past
I am the Juliet of the future
Thinking of you
And only of you
This silent night
I have been told I could have anybody
Why must I want you?
Yet there is something about the song you sing
That makes me tremble and fall
To my knees, to the floor
In a glory that is not my own
If I only could tell you about my little harmony
We could make great music together
When I wake up we could sing to the birds
Yet I voice my own requiem for my limits
It is impossible for us to be us
We must be separate until the end of time
I must silently accept my own fate
Of one of seclusion
Of one of lonely visions of the moon
And a rhapsody of gloom
Of my own requiem of solitude