Life ain't a batch of roses
Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: Here's another semi-depressing poem. I've been going through a lot of
things, and most of my recent poems are really depressing. If you're not
one for angry, depressing poem then don't read this. I was one with my
sinister side when I wrote this, and you'll see it when you read it. Don't
forget to R&R.

They say patience is a virtue
But I really hate to wait
They say it's best to be early
But I'm alway late

They say that a smile brightens the day
But I frown because I'm constantly ticked
They say that I should be really nice
But I like being the prick

They say to be a friend to all
But no one's a friend to me
They say I should be positive
But I only have negativity

They say I should be happy
But really how far would they go
If they walked a mile in my shoes
Then they would definitly know

That life isn't a batch of roses
Life has it's up's and down
Life is what you make it
I guess that's why I frown