A foreign land within my mind,
Clouding my sense of security,
My sense of being loved.
The sounds, the voices,
So different, distorted,
And alien to ears accustomed to something more.
Where has my mind taken me now?
This isn't my place of security,
Where I understand what I see and hear,
Where I am not confused in simple vocal exchanges.
The words here don't make sense to eyes used to other literary means.
I try to run away from the terrifying place, but I run into walls,
Walls covered in a paroxysm of graffiti written from my tears,
From the blood of my pain.
Only my mind knows where I am.
Every day I cry for those I love in that place.
What place?
The place where I am not afraid,
The place I call home,
The place where friends listen and comfort,
The place where my tears don't fall unheeded,
The place where my bleeding heart is mended,
A place my mind has forgotten,
The place I long to be.