I counted the members in my group as we rushed out as quietly as we could. Where was James? I heard a loud scream. I turned to meet the others their pale faces. Damn. He was still in there.

"Go on with out me. I gotta go back for James." I said running back in to the large, dark warehouse where a man stood trapped in a tight circle of vampires.

"James!" I ran carefully behind columns. James was all white and shaking as a vampire made him look into its eyes. Shit. I took out a silver-lined stake and rammed it in to the middle of the vampires' back. It fell as I grabbed James and pushed him in front of me. He looked dazed than confused as I told him to move toward the doorway.

"James, come on." The vampires began to close in, if it weren't for my cross we would have both been dead. It managed to come out from under my vest and into the open. Making the vamps cower, hissing.

As we made it out I looked back and saw the sun come up. The vamps that were chasing us began to burn. Screams filled the mornings air. About time. Thank Gods.


I was standing in front of my superiors. This meeting had begun at 0930 hours. Deanna Pitak, my captain, had suggested that they picked me for an early retirement. I had argued to the end of no return, but had no chance. Pitak was as stubborn as, well, me. She had been saying that she has a reason for me to resign and that I already knew it.

Pitak sat to the right of Admiral's Derek Ban. They both had a serious look on their face no matter the situation. Both had brown hair that was streaked with silver. They looked like twins and the only difference between them were that one was female the other was male.

One more officer sat to the left of Bans, Major Melissa Fuare. She had brownish skin from a tan and was opposite of the captain and admiral. She always had a smile on her face.

I was tall, pale and wispy. You might've never guessed that I could survive being here. I had muscle from head to toes but it never showed. I can lift 250 pounds, not bad for one who weighs 130. I have short, black hair from my mothers side and pale, white skin from my fathers. I really don't know where I had gotten my yellow eyes.

"Lieutenant Junior Grade Kar, reporting, Sir." I said saluting Bans.

"Have a seat, Lieutenant." He said returning it. He pointed to the seat in front of him. "Do you know why Captain Pitak has suggested that the Federation pick you into early retirement?" He asked as he looked into my dark, yellow eyes with his light, brown ones. Uh...because I defeated half a dozen armies of the undead, including vamps, zombies, and ghouls, and was almost killed in the damned process? No, not really.

"Yes, sir." That was safe especially in a world like this. That was always safe.

"Good, from both of yours and Pitak's reports, you deserve this. Your train will bee here today at 1500 hours." He stood up and held out his hand. I looked at it and took it as I stood and saluted him.


I had just entered my roomy one bedroom apartment before any of the neighbors could see me. Thank Gods that I had ordered specially made curtains to keep the sunlight out. Home sweet home. Yeah, right. I dropped my bags down on my couch in the living room and went into the kitchen. I took out a water bottle as I took off my jacket. I drank half of it as I went into my bedroom.

I took off my knives that I placed in my forearms and boots. Then, I took off my holsters, shoulder and waist. I put my 9-mm Browning Hi-Power in its second home by my bedside and the Firestar on my nightstand. I drained the bottle as I began to unbutton my shirt.

I threw my shirt off and went into the bathroom. I turned on the faucet. I took off the rest of my clothes, except my bra and panties, as the tub filled with hot water and the steam rose. I was about to get in when the bell chimed. I turned off the faucet. Then, I put on my robe with a small teddy on the front and walked out of bathroom.

I looked through the peephole. A distorted image of a group of 4 or 5 people. It was my gang; the people I worked with before the army wanted me. Damn, not now. The doorbell rang, again. Impatient load ain't they?

"Kris, we know you're in there." Said a loud voice of Veronica Wills, Ron. "Let us in, ya bitch." I smiled. Same ole' Ron, that's for sure. I opened the door about a centimeter, just enough for them to see my face. Someone pushed it wide open. Yup, same ole' Charlie too. I jumped out of the way before I became pancakes.

"Aww, little Kris was trying to taking a bath. Let's help her, Joey. " Ron said to Joey Summers.

"Yes, of course, how silly of me to forget to offer!" I laughed as Joey tried to grab my robe. Charlie Good and Laura Sidney closed the door and stood watching Joey and Ron run around trying to make me trip.

"Hey, where are the happy hellos? And the 'We missed you Kris's?' And the kisses?" I asked as I dodged between the TV and the couch.

"It's your fault, Kris; you came home too late." Said Charlie his voice low. His eyes twinkled as he sat down. Laura fell into his lap as Joey rushed past the back of the couch.

"Kris, why did you cut ya hair?" Asked Laura while Joey caught me. Ron stood in front of us, smiling and looking at me. I pushed Joey away and ran into the kitchen.

"None of your business, ya nosy." I replied as Ron came in.

"Kris, we missed you!" She said as she kissed the back of my neck. She wrapped her hands around me and pulled the robe down. Damn. She got me. She laughed as I pulled it back up and went to sit down on my Lazy Boy. Everyone else was laughing as Ron sat in my lap. Damn it. I wish we weren't so damn close.


Ron is 5'9 and had soft brown eyes, brown, skin and black hair. She was wearing a very short, black skirt and a blouse with a dangerously low v-neck. She looked like a squeamish girl but she had seen more nasty things you would see in your whole life. She was and still is I hope the love of my life. I nuzzled her neck, sniffing her soft perfume. Did I happen to mention she is a lycanthrope, that's one reason I love her.

Joey is 6' and was wearing a black t-shirt, faded blue jeans and a leather jacket. He had blue eyes, short, dirty, blonde hair and had muscles bulging everywhere.

Charlie was 5'6 or so but had a big presence. You could be 13' tall and still would feel small around him. He was in his business suit. Gray and Gray. He was as sweet as candy but as hard as rock. His heart, I mean.

Laura was 5'8, just an inch shorter than Ron. She was wearing her clothes; a t-shirt that said 'Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, It's too dark to read.' and blue shorts. There are some reasons I am her friend.


"Can I take a bath, now?" I asked as Ron snuggled into my chest. She looked up and smiled. She raised her eyebrow suggestively. She unraveled and stood up.

"Can you guys wait here so Kris could take a bath?" She said as she pulled me into the bedroom. The others began to ooh me. I blushed. Damn.

"If your hungry look in the fridge." I said as Ron locked the door. She kissed me and began to pull my robe off. Then, she took my hand and dragged me into the bathroom. I heard her gasped as hot air rushed out.

"Kris, why didn't you put bubbles in?" Ron asked as she took off her clothes, teasing me. I reached for the bubbles but Ron's hand stopped me. I looked into her eyes; they held love, lust and longing. Why did I leave her in the first place? I bent down a bit and gave her a slow kiss. She let my tongue touch hers. She deepened it as she took off my bra. She was naked and I didn't notice. I licked her lips as she pulled the last of my clothes off. I helped her in. She splashed some water in my face and we began kissing again. Her tongue flicked across my lips. She sat on me her legs wide apart, straddling me. She looked into my eyes.

"I'm sorry that I left, Ron. I missed you. I had to leave, and you know why."

"I know, Kris, I know." She whispered her voice low and husky. I nuzzled her chest with my lips, her long fingers went up and down my back. She pulled my head back up making me look into her eyes which, now, shown with certain mischief. Someone pounded on the bedroom door. She looked up. Damn.

"We mustn't keep the others waiting but if you want to...." She smiled. I laughed and kissed her cheek.

"Where are we going, my little she-wolf?"

"Heavy Rains. I know you don't like...." I interrupted her with another kiss. Long and wet. I came back up to breathe. Ron looked at me with swollen lips, her eyes fuzzy. I licked the water dripping down her throat. She looked down.

"No, Ron, I'll go. I'll go. I just need to have a bath." She laughed.

` ***