I woke up to the smell of bacon. I rolled on to my stomach, groaning in hunger. Fuck, Ron damn you. I looked up. Ron stood over me, dressed in only an apron. She held a pan of sizzling bacon in her hand. I rubbed my eyes and pulled the sheets closer to my chest. Ron sat in the spaced that I had moved from her back towards me. I put a hand on her back, feeling her shiver. I nibbled her neck, she let a gasp escape. I smiled and hugged her.

Grabbing the pan, I got out of bed and went to the kitchen. I sat in a chair, crossing my legs and sniffed the steaming bacon. Ron stood in the underneath the bedroom door, crossing her arms.
"Kris, let me make it crispier." Ron said touching the back of my neck. I smiled and kissed her other hand.
"Fine, but I want something in return." I said, my voice lilting. She laughed and ruffled my hair and went to the stove.
"What is it?" She asked as she got out eggs from the fridge, using her leg to close the door. I smiled and got a water bottle out.
"Well let's see last night you practically raped me," I was interrupted as she slammed my body into the fridge and started to kiss my neck.
"I know you liked it, Kris I know you do." She growled into my ear. She pinned me to the cold door and started to touch me.
It was a few hours later before Ron and I got to eat the bacon. It was burnt into this black stick, but we ate it anyway with eggs. Ron kept on touching my thigh and I kept on getting wet. I smiled and kissed her as my beeper vibrated. "Damnit" I cursed under my breathe and looked at it. It was my boss Bernie Sage. I picked up the phone and dialed his number.
"Hello? This is Resurrection Inc. My name is Mandy, how may I help you?" Said the day-time secretary with bore in her voice.
"Hey Mandy, It's me Kris. Hook me up to the boss." I said trying to say it with out letting out giggles. Ron was playing around with my body. I trapped her hands in mine, holding the phone with my shoulder. Ron growled playfully and licked my breast. She sucked on it and almost made me lose control. I looked at her, angrily as she bit my nipple. I gasped and panted. Ron grabbed my shoulders and lifted me up.
"Kris? Kris?" Bernie's voice came from the receiver nearly blasting my ears off. I glared at Ron with no avail. She licked my stomach. Oh my goddess, I thought trying to talk without making it sound like I was having sex on the other side. Finally she stopped long enough for me to answer.
"Sorry B," I said breathlessly, trying to control my voice. Ron had begun to lick my thigh. I gently whacked her head. It didn't work.