'Why me?' thought Kris Hart, as his highschool's yellow bus rolled on down the suburban street, shaking the kids it carried inside as it went over bumps. Kris was sitting near the back, staring out the window, watching as house after house passed him by. The neighborhood wasn't that bad, it was just so....typical. It was a nice place to live, and a nicer place to look at. Each house, thought painted differently, had the same basic structure. About every house had a garden full of beautiful blossoms in front of their houses also.

"Hey, Kris? Wassup?" One of his friends, Charlie, was nudging Kris, "Why's the infamous class clown looking so depresed?"

Kris looked over to his long time friend, a smile playing on his lips fakely, "Oh it's nothing, Charlie, my man. Just gonna be tutored later this evenin'."

"Dude! You didn't tell me you were gonna have a tutor!" exclaimed Kris's companion, "Is it some hot chick? What's she tutorin' you in man!?"

Kris snorted and laughed, "I'm being tutored in Science and History, but my tutor isn't one of the hottest chicks around....my tutor is...." He paused, his smile turning into a frown as a wave of slight nausea swept through is body.

"C'mon! Don't leave me hanging!" Charlie nudged Kris again, trying to get him to spill the beans. Kris looked away and out the window again, mumbling who his tutor was. "What'd ya say, Kris?"

"My tutor is Zander Gallegher." muttered Kris again, his usually sunny diposition slightly dimmed.

"What the hell!" yelled the jock, Charlie, "Gallegher?! That freaky goth dude? He's gonna tutor you? Man, oh man! Talk about a tutor from hell! He's not even a chick!"

Kris rolled his eyes and smiled, "I hope to high hell he ain't a chick. I gotta go, this is my stop, man."

He stood up, waiting for Charlie to move out of the way so he could walk off the bus. Before taking off, Charlie gave him a pat on the back and a few words of sympathy before Kris took off down the long walk through the seats. As Kris waited for the bus to pull to a complete stop, his backpack weighing more heavilly than usual on his back, his thoughts drifted off to Zander and how all this had happened.

Two days prior, Kris's Science teacher and History teacher had called a parent/teacher conference with Kris's parents. They were discussing his poor grades in those subjects, and saying he would do better if he may had soemone to tutor him. Unluckilly for Kris, his parents agreed, and the teachers set up a tutor for Kris. And that tutor just happened to be a lone guy who always dressed in black and never ever cracked a smile.

When the bus finally stopped from it's slowing speed, and when the door finally swung open, Kris stepped off the steps. What Kris found waiting in his driveway surprised him to no end.

There was Zander, waiting with a grumpy look on his face, for his tutoree. He was leaning against his crimson red Harley-Davidson, arms crossed in front of his chest.

As Kris's eyes widened in surprise, he tripped over one of his untied shoelaces and fell off the bus steps, landing flat on his face. The big yellow automobile pulled away, with kids laughing and calling out to ask Kris if he was okay. The boy sat up and looked sheepishly at his friends as they were being driven away, he smiled at them, giving them 'I'm a-okay!' sign.

"What a moron." muttered Zander. He hadn't moved from his spot by his motorcycle when Kris fell. Persoanlly he didn't give a damn if the kid had broken his nose or not, it would have served the clown right though.

Kris hopped up from his spot on the ground, dusting off his blue jeans and shirt as he did so. A foot

away his backpack sat, looking innocent as if it didn't contain hours worth of hell....er....homework. Kris pulled the backpack up onto one of his shoulders and looked over to Zander.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, feeling uneasy around such a dark teenager.

"I'm here to attempt to tutor you." Zander's voice was as dark as his clothes, "But, since I can't work miracles, I doubt you'll learn anything."

Kris reddened angrilly as he stared at the older boy. Yes, Zander was older by one year. The goth had been suspended about three times last year for causing numerous fights. After all that abscence he didn't have enough attendence to pass eleventh grade. Thus he had to go through the grade again.

As Kris's thoughts of Zander being held back came into play, so did his observing eye of what the guy looked like. The goth had a pair of black bondage style pants that were so baggy they almost completely covered Zander's black combat boots. A black tee shirt clung to the guy's thin, yet slightly muscular chest, over which was a black, long sleeved, fish net top. Hanging over his light grey eyes, Zander's shaggy hair, that reached below his ears, matched his outfit, causing more of a contrast between the black clothes and his pale skin.

"Well, are we going inside, or are you gonna stare at me all day?" growled Zander, his eyes dark with dislike as he glared at Kris himself.

From Zander's point of view, the popular clown had dirty blonde hair that had been gelled into place by a whole bottle of hairgel, making it hard as rock. Kris's green eyes always seemed to be shining, no matter what his emotions were. The clown's face always gave him away, whether he showed fear, happiness, or dislike, it was always there, as plain as the sun on a cloudless day. The clown wore a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of bright red sneakers. His tee shirt was yellow with the words 'Aeropostale' stamped right across the front. One word rang through the goth's mind as he took in the popular Kris's look and style, 'Prep'.

"I can't help it, you are just so irresitable." Kris replied, sarcasm biting into his voice as he walked up the driveway, turning onto a small walkway that lead to his porch. He ascended the steps, his sneakers padding lightly on the wood of the porch. He heard Zander's boots pound their way behind him as he rummaged through his pocket for his bronze housekey.

When his fingers touched the cool metal, he pulled the key out along with a few balls of lint. He shoved the key door, unlocked it and made his way into the livingroom. Kris dropped his bookbag down by the side of the door, and kickd off his sneakers. He heard Zander close the door behind him as he entered the cheery manor.

The living room was one of the most cheery places in the house. From the middle of the cieling hung a mahogany fan, on which four lights hung facing in four different directions. As Zander walked into the huge room he noted that the dark purple couch sat under a large window, which was currently covered by a pair of light purple curtains with some intricate design across it's middle in yellow. In front of the couch was a glass coffee table, on which sat a coster with that morning's cold coffee sitting on it. Across from the couch was a big screen TV, that was hooked up to one of the newest video game systems. The floor was soft, cushiony purple carpet that sank down under Zander's boots.

Kris was lounging on the couch, his sock covered feet propped up onto the table before him. Diagnally placed from the couch's left arm was a matching, reclining Lay-z Boy that had never been put back into the rightful position.

"Take a seat, gothman." replied Kris, smiling brightly as he watched Zander take note of the things in the living room. He threw a angry glare at Kris as he was called 'Gothman', but he sat down opposite of Kris on the floor.

"What? I ain't gunna bite....much." Kris slid down from the couch, on to the floor to face Zander. Uncharacteristically, Kris had grabbed some books from his bookbag before throwing it to the ground earlier. His history book and Science book rested to Kris's left, Zander's right. "So, how are ya going to perform the miracle of teaching me, Proffessor Gallegher?"

"Well first, I doubt your level of intelligence is enough to start with the eleventh grade textbooks."replied Zander, as he rummage though his own black bookbag that had been resting on his mortorcycle when Kris came home. "So, we'll start with these."

The tutor pulled out a few textbooks he had borrowed from the school, "Science for Third Graders" and "HIstory for Second Graders". Kris's jaw dropped as he stared at the books, 'That guy can't be serious!' thought the clown wildly, 'He hasta be joking!'

"Now let's get started." Zander opened the book on science, turning it to a subject that was slightly related to what they were learning in class that day, "Get to reading, buddy."

Kris stared dumbfoundedly at Zander, eyes wide with disbelief. Zander only pulled out a portable black CD player, putting the headphones on, he started to listen to an Evanescence CD. Kris sighed and started to read the chapter, his mind becoming stupidly numb as he read over each word. Oddly, both were thinking the same thing, 'This tutoring is gonna be an eternity of hell.'

End Chapter 1