"Honey? Are you alright?," said a voice. It was my mother. She was at the stove cooking some pancakes. "You need to get ready for school." I look around the room and see my father sitting across from me, eating eggs and reading the newspaper. "You better hurry," was all that he said to me. On my left, there was my baby brother, who stuck out his tongue at me and said, "Loser." This didn't feel right. Where is the home that I am used too? No mother. No father. No baby brother. Just my friends and I roaming the streets at night.the darkness. "Honey? Are you alright?" I open my eyes form the "day-dream". I look around the room to see where I am. The room is all white-white walls, white floors, white bed sheets and white curtains, even the clothes I am wearing is white. I find the person, who was talking to me. It was a lady.mother.I think. Yes! And the man to her left is father. The guy on her right was Dr. Paul, in his white doctor's uniform. "Uli wants me to go to the club with him tonight," I say quietly. My parents and Dr. Paul look at me as if I were crazy. "Honey," my mother said. "You don't know anyone named Uli." "Yes I -." "No!," interrupted Dr. Paul, "Uli is just a person in your head, an imaginary person. So are the others and town you also speak of. No club. No Uli." "No," I said quietly, looking down at the floor with my hands over my ears. "It is real." I went into a corner and brought my knees up to me head. "Are we real?," suddenly asked my father, breaking the silence. I look up at him and saw his blue eyes full of sadness. Next, I look to my mothers, she was silently crying. All I could do was stare at them. "Liz," said a voice in my head. I recognized it as Uli's voice. "Come back to us-to me. We are the ones that are real." "Honey," said my mother at the same time as Uli. "We are real and we are here to help you. You've been here far too long. Come back to us." I put my head into my hands and started crying. My head hurt. I don't know myself anymore. I don't know who to believe. Images of Uli and my other friends start going across my mind. Now I have images of my family. It hurts. "No!," I scream. "NO, NO, NO!! Leave me ALONE!" Tear are pouring down my face. Dr. Paul knelt on the floor beside me and said, "You can put an end to this. Just stop listening." I wipe my face clean and lean my head against the cold white wall. I look up at my parents. "You're right," I say quietly, my voice getting quieter each time I speak. "I need to stop listening.I love you." The last thing I saw was my parent's sad faces. The last thing I hear was my mother yelling, "NO!"