Chapter 2- Losing an old Friend

Ryan saw Lawrence move his right hand as to push something.

"I wouldn't push that if I were you," Ryan said as he stepped closer pressing the silenced .45 pistol hard against Lawrence's throat.

Ryan then heard a little noise behind him. He turned, but not releasing pressure off his throat, to see one of his best friends standing there with his gun pulled. Ian was a fairly tall and strongly built man. He was always joking around, but when Ryan saw him he looked serious.

Ryan, sounding relieved, said, "Thank goodness you're here."

"I am glad I got here before you killed two people," said Ian.

"Well now you can help me convince everyone on what we saw tonight."

"I am not sure if I can let you do that. Ryan, I am sorry but I can't let you ruin my life time dream. Lawrence has promised me power, and that is all I ever wanted."

Ryan was shocked at the words that came out of Ian's mouth. He didn't realize that slowly releasing the pressure of the gun on Lawrence.

Lawrence said, sounding pleased with Ian's decision, "I told you there were more people working for me. Ian has been there from the start, and has you can see he will always be trustworthy."

"Drop the guns Ryan, you don't have a chance." Ian saying in a happy way.

Ryan's heart was now racing faster he had to get out but how. He could make a run for it, but surely Ian brought some guards with him. Who knows how many, but that was his only way he could survive. Ryan remembered that his gun was still loaded and could act as a distraction for a few seconds but no more. Ryan dropped his gun and when it hit the ground it discharged. Ian turned slightly giving Ryan the chance to make the run for the door.

Yelling Lawrence shouted, " Get after him, he will ruin us."

Ian started firing after Ryan. Ryan reached the door and got into the hall but when he looked up he saw that he was surrounded by five guards. All of them had their guns pulled pointing at him. Ryan dropped his gun as soon as he saw them. Ian soon came out after him and shoved him to the guards. The held him facing Ian. Ian angrily spat in his face, and gave him a few good punches before he took his camera and everything else on him.

"You son of a …" but before Ryan could finish Ian punched he square in the jaw.

Lawrence came out looking happy. Reaching in to his pocket he pulled out some sedatives and gave them to Ryan, knocking him out in seconds. Ryan laid limp in the guards arms.

A few seconds after Ryan passed out two gunshots rang out, killing two guards instantly. Ian and Lawrence ducked into the room where they came from. The guards looked around with a scared look on their faces. Two more shots rang out, except this time only one guard died. The guard holding Ryan dropped him in a hurry to pull out his gun and get shelter.

"Yeah, run and hide you wimps, I still will be able to find you", said the mysterious person in a cold, quiet voice.

After reloading he took aim for the two remaining guards and fired when he had the chance. One bullet just missed the one guards head, but the other hit right on target. The last guard saw where the bullet came from and looked up at the balcony above him and saw someone in the shadows. He took aim and fired.

The bullet grazed the stranger's arm, but just barely. In response to the guard's shot at them, the stranger shot back and nailed him right on target. Hearing a satisfying grunt of death, the mysterious attacker jumped down from the balcony.

Walking over to where Ryan lay, they stepped around the light, sticking to the shadows. Dragging Ryan out of the light, the person crept through CIA HQ until they were in the clear. Pulling Ryan into an office on the side of the hall, the stranger sat him in a chair at the desk.

Quickly pulling out a couple pills of pure coffee bean, the stranger put them in Ryan's mouth. Massaging the throat of the knocked out CIA operative, the stranger eased the pills down his throat. Once this was down, they stepped back and waited for Ryan to wake up.

With a jolt of sudden energy, Ryan flailed his arms out wildly before opening his eyes. Once he opened his eyes, he saw that he was in a cubicle, not an interogation room. Looking around, he laid eyes on his mysterious rescuer. Squinting through the darkness, he tried to make out who it was.

" Don't bother looking around. I can't be seen in shadows, Ryan," a familiar sounding feminine voice whispered.

" Rose? That you?" Ryan asked as quietly as he could.

" It has been a long time, hasn't it Ryan?" asked Rose.

" Yes, it has. What happened?" he asked.

" Well, I saw a certain bastard president coming to the director's office while I was working late. Soon after, I saw a certain idiotic blond-haired agent walking noisily down the halls. Ignoring you, I just kept working. Then, I saw that traitorous son of a bitch Ian heading the direction you and the president had gone.

" Deciding to follow him, I just stood outside on the upper level. When the guards drug you out of the director's office, I decided to reseuce your ass yet again," explained the stunningly beautiful agent Rose Damond.

" Hmm. Of course, some of that was over exagerated, right?" asked Ryan skeptically, as he checked his holster, shocked to find it empty.

" You know me better than most do, Ryan, but I told the entire truth this time," she replied.

After a moment of silence, a little beeping noise on the computer screen caused both of them to jump. Noticing that it was an e-mail, Rose went over to the compuer and double clicked on the 'you got mail' icon. Quickly scanning the contents, she let out a quick laugh. Moving out of the way for Ryan to read it, she pointed towards one part.

Peering at the screen, Ryan read to himself, " Wanted-Ryan Niel. Reason-Trespasing on an undisclosable location without permission, killing five security guards, killing the CIA director, and threatening the Presidnet of the United States of America. Condition-Armed and dangerous. Description-About 6 feet, 185 pounds, with sandy-blond hair, deep blue eyes. Reward will be given if brought in alive, slight decrease if brought in dead.

" I can't believe ou threatened the president, Ryan. What was going on in there?" Rose asked with the sound of astonishment touching her voice.

" In the director's office, there was a door in the far corner. A door that had never been there before. Coming from it was a blue light. Curiousity got the better of me and I entered the room. Creeping through the shadows along one of the walls, I reached the end of the room.

" Unable to see anything from where I sat, I pulled out my miniature binoculars and put in the infared lenses. Looking around, I saw two shapes standing in front of the source of the blue light. Zooming in on the object, I saw what I thought was impossible.

" Reflected in the glass were the faces of Lawrence and Director Douglas. What startled me even more was the object in the glass, though. What I was seeing was impossible. It appeared to be a different time, but it wasn't a movie. Lisle was in there and running to the object. I made my move, just as she started to o through the screen.

" When she was halfway out, she was shot by an arrow. I saw the thing go into her body, and come out the other end. I saw her blood drip out onto the floor. After seeing this, I decided that I'd seen enough. I just shot Douglas, and threatened the president. Ian came in, and revealed that he was a traitor. The rest, you pretty much know," Ryan finished his soliloquy.

" Hmmm…interesting. Well, I will say that I'll help you, but I'll not believe you until I see this object for myself," Rose said as her usual stubborn self.

" Heh, I didn't even expect you to agree to help me," he responded.

" Well, as far as I know, we can't trust anyone. It's too dangerous to do so," Rose warned.

" I know," replied Ryan. " Besides, I can't really come back to the office. I'll get the things I need, and then I'm heading home. See you tomorrow somewhere?"

" Sure, but I'll make the arrangments," Rose replied with a smile on her face…

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