Nothing At All
If only you were here with me
Right now
This instant
Maybe these tears could stop flowing
Maybe i could stop trembling
Maybe life would be worth living
Maybe things would be different
But you're so far away
so very far
no way for me to reach you
i can barely even remember your smiling face
or your soothing voice
or the soft touch of your arms around me
Where are you now?
When i truly need you
when i need you more than words can say
You promised you'd be here
but where are you??
i scream for you to save me
help me
before the darkness engulfs me
but it's too late
You're too far gone
and i'm so lost without you
i can't see a light anywhere
i keep crying and screaming and begging for you
but you're nowhere
you've forsaken me
and i have nothing
i am nothing
nothing at all