Lost Eternity

Summary: They were the ones who were supposed to protect her; the ones to save her from danger and harm. But the task proved harder than anyone had imagined.


They sat in silence in the cluttered inn room, waiting for him to arrive and tell them what this meeting was all about. The stillness of the room was so thick you could hear it; so much tension you could taste it.

Suddenly the door opened a crack and a figure, hooded in a dark cloak, slipped into the room and locked the door behind him. He pulled the hood back to reveal an old man, with a long white beard. His eyes were a blue sea green, full of wisdom and age.

The tension eased immediately; the waiting was over. The old man invited his four guests, who were standing against the walls, to sit down. They sat, but none of them removed the hoods, hiding their faces.

The old man cleared his throat. "I suppose you are wondering why I called you here?" he asked, looking around.

No one moved.

The old man continued, "I have another mission for you," he said simply and quietly.

Three of the figures shuffled uncomfortably. The other one threw back his hood angrily.

"We have told you before, Christopher, we're not doing anymore missions."

He had a young face, smooth of wrinkles and creases of age. His wavy blonde hair fell just above his hazel eyes, which were flashing angrily.

Christopher nodded knowingly, "Yes, I know Alexander. But this mission will be different from your other ones."

"May I inquire as to how this one would be different?" a soft female voice asked.

She also pulled back her hood and revealed a quietly determined face, framed by the soft curls of her dark brown hair. And unlike Alexander's, her bright green eyes weren't flashing angrily, just showing mild curiosity.

"A fair question, Alysa. Your other missions were to save someone or something. This time you're protecting it," Christopher answered with a sparkle in his eye.

"Wouldn't that make the mission harder?" Another female voice asked. "Protecting something rather than just saving it and getting the job done?"

She threw her hood back and anyone not knowing her would have been surprised to see the brilliant blue eyes that stared back. She flipped her straight, raven black hair over her shoulder and waited for an answer.

"Yes it would, Evalyn. But the reward will be so much greater."

"Reward?" the last hooded figure asked. "We really get a reward this time?"

He jerked his hood off his head grinning like a maniac. He had vibrant red hair that seemed on fire and deep brown eyes. "If there's a reward, then count me in!"

Christopher smiled, "Well, Patrick, it's not like the type of reward you're thinking about." Patrick looked crushed. "But don't worry, you'll still appreciate it. Now, does anyone have anymore concerns or shall I inform you on your new mission?"

Patrick, Alysa, and Evalyn all nodded. Alexander hadn't moved, but after seeing the others decision, begrudgingly nodded too.

"Excellent!" Christopher exclaimed. "Now, let us begin. A long time ago, even before I walked this world, a fairy enchantress created a stone."

"What's so great about a stone?" Evalyn interrupted.

"Evalyn! Hush. He's going to explain all that," Alysa said.

Evalyn looked like she was going to snap back, but thought better of it and turned her attention back to Christopher.

Christopher smiled and continued, "This stone was important because it kept all the bad things out of the world. If it had gotten into the wrong hands, terrible things would happen that we won't speak of here." At this, he glanced at the door, making sure it was still locked.

"So what happened to this stone?" Alexander asked.

"The enchantress was killed by an evil enchanter named Galithe, who wanted the stone for himself, to unleash the evil power it held at bay. But the enchantress was very clever. She knew others would come after the stone once they had heard of its power. She gave it to a young girl whom she had seen walking through the forest on many occasions. She told the girl to keep it near her always and never give it away."

"So we just have to find this girl and protect her?" Patrick asked.

"No, the girl the enchantress gave the stone to has been dead for many years. This was a long time ago, remember? But the girl passed the stone on till it came to present day. Yet Galithe still wants the stone, and he found the one carrying it and killed her. He didn't know, however, that she had a daughter, and had place the stone on a necklace around her child's neck. This is the child you must protect. But most of all protect the stone and do not let it fall into the wrong hands.